Transmate group network complete C round trans-atlantic capital investment

in the afternoon of May 15, hunting cloud network news

learns from the source, the group network has been completed quota of about C $300 million round of funding, led agency for trans-atlantic capital, sequoia capital and alibaba and series B investors. But Meituan has not confirmed the news.

as we have learned, trans-atlantic capital total investment of nearly $2 billion in the whole world, every investment scale of about $2010 in 200 million. A recent Internet investment to soufun. In addition, alibaba group has investment, oak Pacific interactive, and companies such as lenovo.

Meituan network CEO Mr Wang said in an interview recently, Meituan net turnover this year will reach 40 billion yuan ($6.42 billion), compared to last year rose by more than 2 times. He said that this year the company revenue will triple, up to 1.9 billion yuan ($300 million).

when it comes to IPO plans, Mr Wang said: “in the future, the company will be listed. If you ask me now, I tend to be listed in the United States.” Meituan network currently has 90 million active mobile users, mobile applications for the platform contributes about 70% of the volume. Mr Wang said that the group network no money pressure in the short term, and the company didn’t want to be acquired. He said: “we tend to get independent growth, because we believe that the market is big enough.”

according to bloomberg data, Yelp is now worth about $3.9 billion, group purchase company the ancestors of the market value of about $4.13 billion.

Meituan network launched in March 2010, and in that year the sequoia capital, a $12 million investment. In July 2011, Meituan net and get $50 million in financing, by alibaba and sequoia capital investment. Mr Wang said the Meituan net break even last year.