Trend: Microsoft released this month or Surface mini

Microsoft has issued the invitation to the media, on May 20, invited the media “part of a” theme is the Surface. Considering that Microsoft has updated at the beginning of all Surface, this is likely to be released is a smaller Surface. And Microsoft in the invitation to play word games, highlight the word “Small”.

media had many times before that Microsoft is launching a smaller size of the Surface flat, so that with apple mini and the Google Nexus 7, amazon Kindle Fire series competition.

is this small Surface size 7.5 inch screen, between the Nexus between 7 and the mini, 1440 x1080 resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio is more similar to apple rather than the Surface. There are rumors that the tablet will choose qualcomm CPU, rather than Intel, which means the tablet will launch Windows RT system, rather than a full-featured Windows 8.

Windows RT systems can’t run the original Windows desktop software, ecological relatively incomplete. PC makers tasted, at present only Microsoft still insist (nokia has launched Surface RT flat the company 2520, but Microsoft has completed the acquisition of nokia).