“Twitter from Facebook brain wait-the widowed housewife sells, pursued giant deep learning field

on July 31, hunting cloud network news

Twitter has announced acquisition of a company is not known for the computer vision technology Madbits, this is by Clement Farabet and Louis – Alexandre Etezad – Heydari, two Facebook artificial intelligence lab director before students and a professor at the university of New York Yann LeCun created.

on Monday, Madbits message posted on its website, mainly referred to the technical details of the company. Including the introduction of the company’s main business, why have you decided to accept a bid: Twitter

“in the past year, we have developed a visual intelligence technology. This technology can automatically from the original media understanding, organization, and extract relevant information. Able to identify the content of the image, analysis of whether the image tag and image content. To realize this technology is a complex challenge. We developed a deep learning based technology, an automatic statistical learning methods, it involves the superposition of the simple prediction, thereby the signal to identify the formation of a strong hierarchical model.

we have ten different application prototype test, and we are ready to release the test data, we decide to bring the technology to Twitter, Twitter to share our ambitions, and be able to help us improve the technology.”

Twitter think of buy the little-known start-up, don’t let a person feel surprised. Given on Twitter every day there are a lot of pictures in the release, the company’s technology can obviously help Twitter is similar to the image search function, such as improving ranking search results based on image content, even through the analysis of the image to get better information and analysis of the people in the news of what on earth. Based on the depth study of image automatic identification, has become a new field. Yahoo, Dropbox and Pinterest has also bought some companies in the field of computer vision recognition technology research and development to related functions.

deep learning is a form of artificial intelligence, has been around for decades, but only in the past few years in areas such as computer vision, text analysis and speech recognition accuracy has made important progress. Many researchers are currently full time dedicated to research these new technologies. Part of the company’s technical staff is also in the technology, part-time research such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and baidu have some involvement in the field. Earlier this year, Google bought for $400 million another call DeepMind deep learning project.

purchase details have not been announced, but what is certain is that Madbits need a lot of money. Deep learning is such a popular technology, excellent talent was so rare, so that Microsoft research director Peter Lee in a business week interview: “last year, spending on the depth of world-class learning experts, not below solicit top-tier NFL quarterback”.