Twitter native advertising has support 20 languages, for international expansion

the from all walks of life recently debated the future of Twitter, jeopardizing the accused from the Angle of active “, “advocates believe that Twitter, can’t use Facebook’s approach to study of Twitter.

but no matter how the outside world, Twitter is still steadfast to promote business development, especially the core source of revenue, Promoted Tweets native advertising information flow. Twitter today launched against native advertisements in different languages for target, has so far support in 20 languages, so that users of different languages will see stronger correlation of advertising.

Twitter officials say they will use some different markers to determine the user’s language attribute, is not entirely rely on their users fill in personal page for the selected language setting. Twitter also can according to the parameters set by the user and daily use of language to the difference of the targeted on the multilingual advertising. Such as the user to set the language is Japanese, but he daily Tweets use of language in Japanese and English, so he may be the dual target of Japanese and English advertisement.

the advertisers using this new technology can be very simple, only need to send advertising selected in the background on which language of Twitter users on the can.

to distinguish language is conducive to Twitter more accurate advertising, on the other hand, is conducive to the development the English section in the international market. Main revenue comes from Twitter advertising English zones such as North America, according to the international expansion of more languages is a necessary choice to raise revenue.

after three years development, Twitter precision advertising has according to user’s interests, gender, keywords, location, customized audience fragmentation, provides a very fine screen.