Twitter will jointly yahoo advertising business open to small and medium enterprises in the Japanese market

twitter last year launched their own self-service advertising platform. After Britain, the United States, Ireland, Canada market gradually open, keen on twitter for the development of advertising business to look to the Japanese.

the latest news, twitter will twitter yahoo advertising business open to small and medium enterprises in the Japanese market. After the cooperation reached, yahoo Japan advertising platform will be incorporated into advertising from twitter. So small and medium enterprises can be released through yahoo marketing tweet, to operate their own accounts and Promoted Trends (Promoted Trends, promotional content) of the hot topics on twitter.

this is the first time twitter open to small and medium-sized enterprise own advertising business. Although yahoo to hold together when the whole project, but the essence of the change cannot be ignored.

twitter on his official blog, said the partnership in the advertising business is in the process of global promotion of a landmark. It is understood that such cooperation advertisement will be launched soon.

although said twitter development in Japan is good also, users somehow is the world’s top ten, but twitter was reported late last year in Japan, South Korea, poor advertising revenue in the market. Consider that the twitter choose Japan as Asian advertising promotion first stop is somewhat worth exploring. Yesterday said twitter is also tested in the Japanese market “television audience positioning” strategy to further attract advertisers. (note: twitter through the analysis of the user on the tweets of TV programs to categorize users, which can effectively locate the specific audience.)