Two Tap, to make the Internet “public shopping cart”

Two Tap, by the famous American business incubator Y Combinator start-up support, its goal is to be able to become “the entire Internet public shopping cart”. Today, Two Tap, announced that it has successfully completed a $2.7 million round of funding, the seeds of its investors including Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Visa, the former chief executive Joseph Saunders (Joseph Saunders), Ann peterson (Ryan Petersen), Reddit, co-founder of Alexis, hani Ann (Alexis Ohanian) and the site co-founder Gary Tan (Gary Tan), in addition We Funder, Transmedia Capital and Digital Garage are also included.

earlier this year, Two Tap company started to launch service, to solve the problem of mobile and settlement. In order to achieve its objectives, the company that developed the first automatic settlement solutions, “to help consumers to any retailers in any mobile application or web site to buy any products”. At present, the company’s customer list has included 215 retailers. In addition the company also said that the data has greatly promoted the rapid growth of this round of financing.

according to the Two Tap their statistical data, the past six months, the company’s a month to 50 times the growth rate of rise sharply. (although the base of company may be relatively low, so we must look at the data in objective). Two Tap companies also said that the solution can make publishers to upgrade their mobile sales conversion rate to 6-10 times, reached a similar at the levels of the seller that sells on the desktop.

with the help of Two Tap application interface, publishers and developers can use the service and application integration with their mobile web site. In early design, TwoTap provides tools to retailers, retailers can use the services as a B2C solutions to serve themselves. But Two Tap, the CEO of raz, Roman (Razvan Roman), said the company decided to give up this plan, then the “focus on helping other application developers to integrate TwoTap, because every application will bring millions of users”.

some services have begun to use Two Tap, including Kiip, Shopsy and Sovrn. After integration, Two Tap will support all the main affiliate network, then all transaction data for retailers, and retailers are then responsible for processing payment, order confirmation and logistics.

once personal data input TwoTap, users need only two steps can order goods from retailers. Recently, Two Tap company gave up the password authentication way, replaced by using email address and password combination of text messaging on mobile phones. At present, this service can immediately confirm the order, and no longer like the first version requires the user to wait for 1 minute of time.

“our mission is to hope on any equipment, fundamentally for any of the products greatly simplify the shopping process, any retailers in order to optimize the shopping experience,” she said in a statement today, “some have rich experience on e-commerce investors to investment, we further validated, the fact that our unique solution is effective. And, our solution, relative to other online settlement current solutions, to more quickly expanding and development.”