Uber rob express delivery business, the user can order medicine condoms

News on August 20,

the taxi service Uber has started in Washington, d.c., some of the community test on the same day delivery goods Courier service Corner Store. Through the service, the user can order commodities such as medicine and condoms, and Uber driver will be delivered in time for the user.

at present, on the day of delivery Courier service has become a hot area in the United States, big companies such as amazon, Google and eBay, and Postmates startups are focusing on the market. Some investors believe that for Uber, using existing software to realize the urban areas commodity express and logistics service with good prospects.

Uber said the Corner Store service now can delivery of goods only about 100 kinds, including batteries, shaving foam, as well as the green arrow chewing gum and so on. This service using the Uber mobile applications. Uber driver can get the goods and to the user directly, without any additional charge. Corner Store will provide the service only in the weekend.

it is not clear, the service provided by the product come from where. But Uber, a spokesman said in an E-mail, Uber “working with multiple vendors provide these goods, and Uber” cooperation logistics providers will direct delivery, and don’t have to be purchased “from the retail stores.

this is the latest step to move into the same day delivery Courier Uber market. Previously, Uber had tested UberRush bicycle messenger service in New York. And in the Atlanta and Nashville, Uber Bellhops with entrepreneurial company cooperation, provide similar services. (sail of sina science and technology)