UC group, announced in ali ucweb CEO President enterprise group

on June 11, alibaba group and UC gifted as announced, UC gifted as wholly into the alibaba group, and form a ali UC mobile business group. UC gifted as chairman and CEO YuYong blessing served as President of UC mobile business group, into the highest decision-making team – ali ali group group strategy committee.

ucweb CEO in internal staff said in the letter, the integration will create the history of the Internet in China’s largest m&a integration: the integration will most in alibaba stock, with some of the cash basis, the deal of UC valuation than before “the Internet’s largest m&a in China” baidu for 91 $1.9 billion valuation.

this is the 2009, 2013, ali group after twice to UC gifted as investment, both sides realize comprehensive fusion.

to UC as ali UC mobile enterprise group, set up the basis of electricity will be alibaba in ali enterprise group, cloud computing, big data business group after group of new career. The enterprise group in addition to the existing UC group business team, the future will also integrate ali group and other related business team, is responsible for the business including the browser, search business, LBS business, swim nine mobile gaming platform, PP mobile application distribution business, love books flag mobile reading service and so on construction and development.

UC gifted as was founded in 2004, has been regarded as important “variable” of China mobile Internet pattern. Currently owns what UC browser, search, UC nine swim, PP assistants, and other industry leading mobile Internet products and platforms. Among them, the UC browser worldwide more than 500 million users, according to iresearch, according to the number of monthly coverage in the domestic mobile browser market share reached 65.9%, is the Chinese market one of the highest penetration several mobile application by the user.

it is understood that this consolidation will mainly alibaba stock replacement, cooperate with some cash. Total amount or will create the history of the Internet in China’s largest m&a integration. Need to note is that, after the comprehensive integration, also means that lost the opportunity of independent public UC, some employees or from the trading value in return.

“if in order to control, not listed and night city is more advantageous to the entrepreneurs. But as a team leader, we have a great responsibility and the pressure to help you achieve better personal development and material rewards.” Ucweb CEO, said the listing is not the ultimate goal of business, but simply in order to achieve the enterprise development, the company brand and team motivation of a process. “Alibaba group over the past five years, the UC the entrepreneurial team has been very positive, the integration also gives a the highest prices in the history of the Chinese Internet solutions, and through the exchange to the UC students a quick listing, enjoy the value of the opportunity to grow.” Ucweb CEO also pointed out that in the past decade, the growth of UC, has experienced all sorts of giant of competition and challenges, and eventually wins under the law of the jungle test, made himself a place in the structure of the mobile Internet. Integration is completed, will continue to keep the entrepreneurial mind, various forward-looking layout and business with alibaba group to fully mix, able to play to the potential incisively and vividly.