Ucweb CEO: 20% penetration of mobile search has three direction

(word/qing nan)

a GMIC in today’s global mobile Internet conference in 2014, UC gifted as CEO ucweb CEO, just released a week of mobile search products that permeability has reached 20%. According to the UC browser, 500 million active users, affect the size of the users has reached 100 million.

this development speed is the fastest in all UC products system. Is this product, but in recent days has been in the saliva of the wave of with baidu. Ucweb CEO, according to what the product series of block and block by baidu, which calls for a healthy competition.

the wave of domestic Internet saliva, the industry has been familiar with, after all, in essence or interests. This is not discussed in this article.

UC started with mobile browser, in after the game, only recently launched mobile search business, release rhythm is accumulated in the original user to do new business only after an order of magnitude. What can be achieved 20% of permeability is driven by large stock of UC mobile browser original results.

according to ucweb CEO explanation, at present only what is done on the part of UC browser to search the push, that’s why baidu stress, “what if I recommend to all users search engines, estimates that mobile search day is sure to change color.”

mobile search direction of three

although Google and baidu in PC search above to new high income, but on mobile search are faced with how to generate income, both ends of the user experience, after all, there are significant differences, product display form, etc. Is based on this, let UC that at the moment for mobile search was with baidu, 360 companies in the same starting line with sogou, etc.

although mobile search in the early stages, but in the eyes of ucweb CEO, he thinks that the development direction of three latitude: one is the search input methods, has started to change from the original pure text to speech, in the next five years will drop to 50% of the total text input. 2 it is to present users search results in the change, the traditional chain is given priority to with words list mode, in pursuit of comprehensive information, but in the era of mobile, user demand began to shift to the quality and accuracy, and denoising becomes more important. Three is the information on the relevance of search from the consistency, gradually transition to a personalized search.

so what UC team will improve product in these three lines up and take care of the user requirements. Now what for App search, shopping search, search of the novel, such as mobile users just need to do the reinforcement function, soon will launch more “” for the center with mobile search engine function. Ucweb CEO, according to what the future focus will be on the user understand the three aspects, technology innovation and the ecological system, set up users, partners, what new ecological tripartite win-win open mobile search.

on the specific business model, ucweb CEO who also not clear at present, only do first users to gradually grope for making money. “Patience to products have three years and currently available from other search business revenue to subsidies.”

from the regular army to troops on the

what mentioned above launched a week depend on UC browser driven permeability rapid ascension, but ucweb CEO on the assessment of mobile search, can be “rely on” browser business, but not “rely on”. Another point is that what the search is made from a joint venture with ali UC, but dominance in UC this way.

product linkage maximum advantage this model’s formation, but if long relied on the inevitable problems. For this purpose, the UC to each business unit to separate the brand, each have each appraisal target.

ucweb CEO, UC since the end of 2013 has had an important management change, is from the “regulars” to “field army”, let each business team form closed-loop business ability, let them in their victory, different theater. “Every business own ago, command system; Into the central military commission, or the whole group, forward operating goal setting responsible for the entire war zone, capacity building, formed from the product, market, management ability of the closed loop.”

in the second half, ucweb CEO and what team to build mobile search is one of the core work of the ecological system, including the content industry chain and business ecosystem. In content, how to form the user, the search engine to the content between the producers of supplies, make the ecological balance; In the business chain, advertisers, search engines, users how to supply the best commercial products is the user does not think it is advertising, is to meet user needs and business demand reach a good balance.

in view of the ali’s shareholder relations, UC will use their respective advantages to cooperate. At present in the electrical business, pay, PC browser, mobile search has can see. Ucweb CEO, soon will be able to see the next cooperation.

, according to the planning of ucweb CEO, UC will now focus on mobile search, what will be launched next search client products. The next stage from Chinese mobile search to overseas version of the mobile search, “but PC search is not within our field of vision”.