Ucweb CEO: mobile search is everyone’s cross-border opportunities

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“crossover” is a serious word, I talk about it a lot of pressure. Especially for two or three days ago, see on weibo “xiang e qing” renamed “zhongke cloud network”, because think restaurant traffic is bigger, so to do big data? A joke, today the scene are serious person, or from the Angle of the serious talk of crossover.

in fact, over the past few years I have been trying to crossover, I venture capital for six years before startup, over the past eight years in the mobile Internet business, the goal is to strive for to all investors, yong fu is one of entrepreneurship has done, so the crossover is still very fun. But this definition is very wide, there are several different dimensions can involve crossover. First of all, from a technical point of view, two different industry technology if able to crossover and integration, will produce a lot of extra energy; And most of the time, we usually mention the crossover is a crossover between industry; The third is the crossover market areas, such as from China to the world, there are a lot of opportunities.

crossover choices of three standard

I was thinking about the crossover, make a selection of standard, because we are now doing a lot of new business, I think in the direction of the “three” enough or the market is worth of transboundary try: slow enough, enough, enough thick.

first, enough, enough users, we have some space.

second, slow enough, when entered a new field, if the market changes very fast, it will give us a lot of learning costs. Colleagues and the Internet to learn electricity, although there is a big challenge, but the traditional retail industry change is slow, there is a lot of room for improvement.

but look from another dimension, if is from traditional business to the Internet, in the study of the Internet, when they face a big challenge. Because change too fast, a year ago, the Internet and the Internet today is very different, so the learning cost is relatively high.

third, thick enough. Crossover is looking for a new business space, commercial space overall profits or profit itself is high enough.

an accord with standard of the “three enough” examples of industry. Why now everyone to think about the Internet financial? The financial industry is very typical, is large enough, slow, high profit, to rob, of course, see the Internet now do financial, what kind of company.

three dimensions of transboundary

the first is a technology of crossover, such as mobile mobile search in the Internet. UC in the process of their development, the crossover to mobile search has some thinking and feeling. Today on the phone, in fact or in the use of PC search, a text, returns text list, this PC search form of typical products in the past decade, such a search in the mobile Internet has obvious limitations. I think the mobile search industry as a whole will happen very big change.

the first, the input and output is more and more diversity, PC search, text input to the text output; Mobile search, input text, voice, picture, or some other sensor information, the output may be text, images may be, may be a voice, may be other forms.

second, PC search after is complete, any keyword has millions of results, and millions of results without any value to all of you on your mobile phone, mobile phone is the most important thing.

the third kind, personalized, everyone understand, is not opened.

essentially speaking, the Internet is IT time for the last ten years, is basically around the text as the main core. But in the next decade, the Internet from a technical point in the evolution of DT age, all with text is difficult to describe things can use the data, data organization, data retrieval.

this will bring a lot of variables to the mobile search market. At present the entire China mobile search market, stock with more than 500 million users, income more than 40 billion yuan a year, and over the past five years, PC search on the mobile phone product change is very few, in conformity with the slow enough, enough, enough thick standard. On the other hand mobile search is definitely a great opportunity.

in the past period of time, a lot of friends say what did you do for search, in order to compete with baidu? In fact this is wrong. The entire mobile search for such a big a market, there is such an important opportunity of change, I think the whole mobile search needs more entrepreneurs to fumble, striving to this direction. So this chance is all people, believe that there will be many brands on mobile search and innovation opportunities.

the second crossover, is a crossover between industries, the most obvious one is it’s very popular in the past couple of years of consumer electronics, finance, these two areas, in a short while kyokuto will share some thinking in the field of consumer electronics, I have not opened. After the financial industry with the Internet, I think everyone is a beneficiary, at least put the original demand deposits in many “baby”, interest rate is much higher than demand deposits.

the third crossover and early began to grope and practice, of UC is globalization. UC in 2010 made a very important strategic decision, is to enter the overseas markets. To date, UC in the global market share of more than 10 countries broke through the 10%. Today in many countries may not have several users know who is baidu, who is tencent, who is ali, but you know a brand market in these areas, called UC.

so this is all the history of Chinese Internet enterprises to go global future opportunities. PC Internet era, Chinese companies did not go out, not their own don’t work hard, but the PC is the development of Internet and lead an industry, in fact the whole PC Internet not only China, but none of us companies has been a global success. So the PC Internet age not Chinese companies don’t work hard, but industrial structure did not leave a space for us. But the mobile Internet is definitely the opportunity, the reason is very simple, is what the user to play, behind Asia a lot.

is another e-commerce has historical opportunity of industry globalization. Two dimensions, the first is to help Chinese consumers buy all over world, a large number of users to travel abroad is an important link in shopping, if can use a way to lower costs to buy all over world, need not go to any other country, believe that will be very big a chance. My wife told me to go abroad, I must have a stop is outlet, visible all of extremely strong demand around the world.

the second dimension is sold all over the world, the manufacturing of products through the electronic commerce in China, cross-border to distribute abroad. So I think this is a I’m not familiar with, but you can see, very excited cross-border opportunities, once every ten years.

recently for a period of time to feel more, because some things happened, I told myself, tell the team, don’t forget the beginner’s mind. The next day, UC is still China’s Internet enterprise innovation power, also still hope as open force, with more partners, thank you.