Ucweb CEO: why UC do “what”?

the author: ucweb CEO

UC entrepreneurial decade, 6 people from start-up to the second venture of 12 people, and today more than 2500 people, has always been partial inside collect, is to do basic has obtained certain achievement, to produce.
Such as UC browser have from mobile terminal to screen more interactive, this year has just released the PC and TV version; UC nine online time is 2009, but wait until 2012 to the surface, and completed to the partners into the goal of $1, 2015, that number is expected to increase to 1.5 billion; Last year, we integrate the iOS application distribution leader PP assistants, according to iresearch MUT data monitoring has transcended the 91 assistant, become the nation’s largest iOS third-party application distribution platform; The last one is we have been in communication with the industry to share the internationalization of business, UC has nearly two hundred million overseas users.
And some is we are doing, but you haven’t seen “submarine force”, such as cooperation with alibaba launched what mobile search, it has accumulated more than four years before (exist in picking the “perfect brand” search). Many friends may feel very suddenly, ask what makes UC can do mobile search, my answer is:, geographical and human conditions.

days: mobile search is “new species”

UC’s core business is in the field of information service, so we’ve been thinking about how to make a more perfect, open and convenient mobile information service. In this process, we often ask ourselves a question is, standing on the PC Angle and stood on the mobile business perspective, what’s the difference?
An example in the field of instant messaging, mobile phone QQ is QQ mobile end, so the mobile phone QQ is QQ. But not equal to the mobile phone QQ WeChat because WeChat products, from the perspective of the mobile Internet to do meet the requirements on the mobile end users, overturned the old form of the product.
The second is the field of mobile browser. UC do like Internet explorer, the built-in Android browsers don’t, they will do is simply the browser translation from PC to mobile terminal. Say so in the past ten years, UC can create a new brand with a new perspective on the phone, UC browser has become synonymous with the mobile browser.
The third area is the search. Baidu in the PC is a great company, created a lot of history. But now their mobile search, that is, is the real mobile phone baidu search? Not really. I think just do “wireless” PC search, at most is a kind of outspread, it is difficult to achieve significant breakthrough.
Like the previous two cases, you must take to see mobile search as a new species. Don’t think you have what advantage, the advantage is baggage at this moment. Do you want to see now the user is a new user, they have a lot of new requirements, to provide them with your new experience, improve a lot of new business model.
Now, many Internet users, for the first time to get to the Internet begins moving, that is to say, the mobile Internet has been equal to the Internet, so to speak. Recently, some people say that the question, I believe that many companies will have pressure: everyone home all don’t open the computer, why? Because we are more and more habits, subtly put the mobile phone as the main tool of Internet consumption. Compared with PC Internet era, the user can be regarded as a new, including our parents – they may need not PC to the Internet, but it was already very used to using mobile devices.
In addition, the definition of the mobile Internet can break through time and space, and produce a lot of new requirements. Especially strong on these new requirements in the search, I share with you a trend, by the end of both China and the world, mobile search request quantity will be more than a PC.
In this context, for the search user experience, put forward new requirements. As you all know, mobile phones have a natural “eyes”, “ears”, “mouth” this a series of senses, and the traditional PC search in text as input and output of the carrier, I believe that the future mobile search will continue to a drop in the ratio of using text as a starting point. In the future, may be with users to search more “nose”, “eyes”, “mouth”, the whole experience will have a very big change.
At the same time, I think the search business model will have a change, because if the user searches for a keyword, found that three-quarters of the phone’s screen is advertising, long-term there is no a virtuous cycle of the whole industry.
I think there is currently no leader in mobile search market can meet the needs of users, this is what the birth of “days”.
This name, because we have a discussion on the table: mobile user really needs is the “what”? So no serious discussion, produced a very serious matter, we keep sober to do search for mobile, don’t have any burden of traditional search. Finally come to the conclusion that the “what” is the mobile search.

the right, but don’t rely on UC browser

there may be a friend to ask, “what” search is based on the UC browser search, right? Only half right. Mobile browsers and mobile search is a both sides of the “independent”, are emphasis of information services, the essence is to help users quickly achieve the content, solve the problem. But it just shows what can rely on high-speed growth in UC browser, and left the UC browser, can’t say what can not be developed.
In the past few years, the mobile browser industry competition is very big, but under the high pressure or UC to further consolidate the leading position, the user just over 500 million, total ten years accumulated download activation volume of more than 5 billion times, according to iresearch we occupied more than sixty percent market share. UC internal last year began to manage change, the second architecture from the “regulars” gradually turned to “troops”, the browser business showed stronger effectiveness obviously, so in the past two quarters achieved good results. Especially at the end of the week (4.26 4.27), we know that because of the limitation of mobile phone traffic, mobile applications will appear “end effect”, generally the new user records in the first half, but this weekend UC browser “buck up”, creating the new peak.
At the same time, in the past few years in UC browser on mobile search request, also in rapid growth. I share with you a number. Now inside the UC browser, search requests every month has more than 6 billion times, growth trend is obvious.
But why do you say what search only on UC browser, but not “rely on”? For the past four years “search of (something)” of the entire network growth rate, much higher than the growth curve in UC browser. This shows that our search business has been able to out of the UC browser, develop their own traffic growth path. Like UC game business, nine swim today from UC browser and the flow of the UC browser, half proportion. This is a very good sign that the business have been able to get out of the UC browser, find a new growth point of the self.
Search of the reason that can achieve high growth in the UC browser, too, is a very important reason why found its own characteristics in a product, design, according to the use of the mobile user habits established reputation. App search, shopping search, a novel search, for example, believe in the future we still can see more on what the function of innovation.

and: all firewood high flame

in April 2010, we launched in UC browser “search books”, this is the beginning of exploration UC mobile search. With the deepening of business, our understanding of mobile search is becoming more and more strong, began to actively expand growing team at the same time.
In particular, in 2013, we successfully integrated the alibaba group’s “search” team and the entire network search business. Said to “search”, in fact this is a very famous old brand, it is total Zhou Hongyi weeks during President yahoo China, create brand of Chinese search. Can be seen from the name search the ambition is big – “the first Chinese search engine”, of course, this week I don’t have to always prove. Next time when you met him, maybe I can tell him a joke: weeks total, your efforts not cause me to help you.
For UC’s search business, in 2013, an event is to integrate a original baidu team of technical experts. At the same time, we also expanded recruitment search product and technical personnel, in addition to the UC, alibaba, baidu, in one year also absorbed some of companies such as Google, yahoo, 360 search product technical experts, to achieve the fast convergence of the team and the development, guarantee the search of what product technical talent pool.
In addition to the construction of the internal team and hard work, we also get the support of many people in the industry, such as UC super angels, former chairman of lei jun, what he want to see is “do the best mobile search”; In addition to our director, alibaba group chairman jack ma, has been great support to us, what will the future with alibaba in the products, resources have more cooperation.

so what about baidu? This is a serious topic, I think the first thing should be kept respect attitude to baidu, as baidu is Chinese search king “” the PC era, created many records at home, look from the market value is one of the world’s top ten big Internet companies. But mobile search is a new market, without the traditional of Kings, basic is standing on the same starting line.
For what we do “mobile search innovators in the world.” The first key word is “global”, we are not just Chinese search, this is just the start of us, as the browser will not limited to Chinese browser. Hope that the future users in different countries around the world to be able to use what mobile search.
The second key word is “mobile”. We don’t have the advantage of PC, but also a burden of PC, no only consider a problem from the perspective of mobile products and design.
The third is the “innovators”, we are in mobile search, so a new blue ocean, want to use technological innovation to bring new experiences to users, strive to become the first brand of Chinese mobile search.
In the past, the UC have all along maintained friendly relations with baidu, what (search), and baidu also by ROBOTS remain open cooperation agreement in the content level. In the future, hope can continue to maintain the benign interaction.