Unable to obtain the national development and reform commission “understanding”, qualcomm revenue expected to blow

cloud network hunting, July 24,

qualcomm Q3 quarter mobile chip sales continue to maintain strong growth. But qualcomm lowered revenue expectations since then, the reason is that worry can’t get the “understanding” of the Chinese government, while in China mobile market.

qualcomm announced third quarter earnings of $2.24 billion and diluted earnings per share of $1.31. Revenue of $6.81 billion, a 9% year-on-year increase. Non-us accounting standards income of $1.44 a share. Qualcomm earnings is higher than the previous on Wall Street’s expectations.

however, qualcomm suggested that strong growth will not be in the next quarter to continue. Development and reform commission (NDRC) are in antitrust, investigating qualcomm series of possible illegal business practices. Including both the licensees did not report to qualcomm qualcomm China normal sales of illegal behavior.

qualcomm has publicly said: “we also believe that some licensees in China are still not fully follow the contractual obligations, report their authorized sales to us, including some licensees have reported the lower than normal 3 g/4 g equipment sales, as well as some disputes) of the licensee. Unauthorized companies will probably delay the new authorization, because the national development and reform commission investigation continues. We expected in 2014, 3 g/4 g device of shipments to be about 1.3 billion worldwide. However, our current is expected to enter oneself for an examination is about between 1.04 billion and 1.13 billion. This is likely to be between departments have adjusted data, we think they are under the conditions of unauthorized and unlicensed no normal report to us. We are taking measures to solve these problems, although we still can not be sure any resolution time.”

this uncertainty seems to hit the market revenue is expected to qualcomm. Qualcomm President Derek Aberle said the company hopes to harmony with the client to solve the problems at the aspect of authorization, as for regulatory investigation in China, Derek Aberle said qualcomm is actively communicate with the government.

qualcomm officials reiterated on many occasions that China is an important market, qualcomm will not give up the Chinese market, qualcomm is working with various OEM signed LTE license in China.