Unclouded, “cloud drive” clean up the master

in the PC, many software main provide disk cleanup, system optimization, and other functions, help to optimize the hard disk storage, and so on, familiar Windows optimization master, CC the Clear, and so on are all such products. With the improvement of the cloud storage, more and more people are used to put the things exists on the network location. Use cloud plate to backup phone photo album, upload audio, video, save worry save trouble don’t tangle capacity problem – as long as pay some money every month, no longer without having to worry about the hard disk storage space. What’s more, the cloud storage now prices are falling, multiple cloud plate used at the same time also is not rare.

however, on the other hand, also need to care for the cloud storage space, after all, also do not need to be pay to shelve our “stuff” you don’t need. To provide storage service technology companies, however, take care of this function is not their concern, in this period of encircling money by selling the storage space, the user’s storage space requirements, apparently, is more about good.

in such a context, a software called Unclouded arises at the historic moment, is designed to help users analysis, do well the cloud storage of information content, make “high on the cloud storage space also can have a clearer usage.

based on the Unclouded, users can view the cloud disk usage (this, cloud disk providers in and of itself), and discern the occupies a space the most individual files and folders, and can be grouped according to the type, time and so on conditions, positioning duplicate files, and so on. It is worth mentioning, Unclouded also supports offline operation.

this app developers are from Lisbon program apes Christian G? Llner, as the depth of the Dropbox users and Android developers, G? Llner face yourself in the cloud about 170000 copies of the file is also good sad.

“I think I need a able to care for me the application of the cloud file – points out for me what folder occupies the main space, when was in the cloud, and which files are repeated, and so on.” G? Llner said can’t find such a conform to the requirements of application, then had to own fencing to creating your own tools.

G? Llner design style of the app is concise and easy to operate, the interface switching, gesture support also is pretty good. And because the G? Llner main Android system development, and only Android version, Unclouded, iOS users can only envy ground to watch it for a while.

at present, G? Llner developed the Unclouded can support “do” Google Drive and Dropbox. At present in the Google Play app store also provides free version for download the trial. But the free version USES is read-only mode, the user can see all kinds of analysis of information, but can’t be targeted treatment. While $1.99 paid version can directly through the Unclouded to arrange, and upload documents, document sharing links, rename, mobile etc.

G? Llner said this distinction, can let the free version of the user to see the content of the cloud plate needs to be sorted out, also can let them have more power to purchase the paid version of operation, the user is not an exception, of course, make full use of the free version provides the analysis of information, manual sorting, but it is time-consuming and trouble.