Undercover video games big steak, try so hard to earn money in the game is not a good game

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who is undercover in public users should have been popular. Being the king of the domestic variety of happy camp to accelerate the popularization.

here introduce who is undercover origin: “who is undercover” essence is party game “ghost” of version 2.0. “Happy camp” in use ghost version 2.0 of the rules of the game, will be named as “who is undercover”. “Ghost” is a very interesting and popular in the national competition of language expression ability, knowledge and imagination of the game. Is the first choice for people to dinner party game.

this game since 2010 gradually spread, original is unknown. Play some team from July 2010 to research the game, and the continuous improvement in the process of frequent testing and improved the rules of the game, there are ghost, ghost, ghost 2.0 2.0 1.0 three versions of the rules of the game is popular, such as play point lead in specification and released three versions of the rules of the game.

xiao yun after download the related undercover game products found one thing. Undercover games products currently has several feature localization, majority is positioning to click on the version of the entertainment tool product, there is the best to play at the party, and from the Shanghai team, interface interaction do great.

there is a location is a simple network game, on behalf of the product is who is undercover, belong to the source and the information technology co., LTD., Beijing get angel angel venture capital of 3 million yuan in the 21st century. But after the experience you will find that doing very fine, game style is very strong, users will need to open the room threshold, can buy a consumer of gold and other items, like online games’ way.

one belongs to the micro letter undercover game product, and who is undercover game assistant, the account is by wuhan micro network technology co., LTD., operating, now get new venture millions of angel investment. Micro letter end they are micro letter game mode: swimming games aggregate mobile page. For mobile terminal also launched who is undercover android and IOS version.

a product of the latest findings, who is the master of the undercover, is the game set the undercover pain points, can be connected to the Internet, can set the room, can play fast, can now participate in the party. By good park studio and many undercover gamers to create together. In general, “meet on tall, grounding gas” at the same time, the biggest drawback is the product smooth.

in essence, these a few products belong to class game application. But in the subjective experience of xiao yun, found that small group of blind follow suit, making the products should have their own customs have not, big teams rush to charge, let the product user growth without great momentum. Instead, make product such as micro solid pie, master the undercover, a WeChat experience with users, and then do offline conversion, a networking, free combat training of users, to entertain social stick to the user to do in the future. They are considering long-term startups.

free is the assassin’s mace, but many entrepreneurs forget, the premise condition is: the product must be extreme! in the same way, try so hard to earn money is not a good game, this is the product hasn’t been well in terms of product.

to sum up, all the products must be good, otherwise, the plus all the concepts also won’t let you fight entrepreneurial encirclement .

good products, and (micro sent public accounts: wodi360),

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