Understand ali CBBS: reconstructing industrial chain

on May 28, ali’s 1688 platform hosted the 2014 crystal cashmere fashion product launches, swarovski China, Beijing snow lotus group, erdos group, such as world-class brand suppliers officially in 1688 platform. Through the procurement and sales of the apparel industry to ali, and formed a complete Internet industry chain. 1688 in the afternoon and the venue in ali “top light” textile and clothing industry supply chain, services, brands behind closed doors on road.

some media unscrambles 1688 which means “to carry the supply chain on the Internet”, through industry chain parties to 1688 platform to exchange information and resources. However, in my opinion, is not just that simple, move the industry chain to the Internet, is also a reconstruction of the industrial chain. The core of which is ali CBBS mode.

C is customers, distributors and manufacturers are two B, S is service:

“Ma Yunceng, points out that only the C (end) consumer demand as the origin, the B (supply side) as an end, and let S (service) involved in the whole industry chain can be truly effective refactoring, line into an Internet industry chain, an ecosystem.”

From C to B

the birthplace of CBBS is C. Complicated supply chain, including raw materials, design, manufacturing, brand and a series of links, but the final purpose is to sell to consumers. Taobao, Tmall accumulated rich users to buy and trend data, and these data is a much-needed upstream industry chain. From B to C and C to B, is a kind of thinking paradigm shift. This new way of thinking supply industry chain of change could be flexible for the bulk purchase for more than a few batch, following market trend direction.

Tmall apparel category, head Dong Fang pointed out that big data can predict trends, first let manufacturers more and more fit the market demand. “Compared to traditional retail, more Tmall and taobao data dimensions, favorites, shopping cart, traffic, search keywords, the actual purchase can be used as a reference, suppose that the number of search bull-puncher skirt suddenly rise, the demand and compares the data source can be immediately sent to producers.

day cat original brand aqua, vice President, Mr Lu is more looking forward to the B side manufacturers pay more attention to the C data, “so that they can be ready for the according to the trend, give us some guidance, even for small and medium-sized clothing enterprises, can reduce a lot of inventory pressure.”

standard is the core

the traditional supply chain is a wrong information, such as the link. High cost of communication between supply and demand. To solve the supply and demand both sides information demand, is 1688 have been doing things.

one of the most core challenge is standard.

is also a kind of raw materials, different regions, different company makes, and even different lots of the same companies have complex quality difference. The traditional textile industry purchase, need is a professional touch, inspection on site. Try water crystal yesterday, cashmere, for example, swarovski crystal industry have such industry benchmarking, standardization is relatively perfect. Cashmere industry is more complex, the difference of different batches of cashmere quality on the final product may be a significant difference.

1688 understand oneself to face the challenge of specially invited a country wool textile products quality supervision and inspection center, provide and impartial third party testing authority. Standardization is the key of the supply chain network platform.

why did you choose clothing?

alibaba B2B business group President Wu Minzhi gives a detailed reading: whether taobao, Tmall or 1688, clothing accessories of the demand and sales volume is biggest, 1688 wants to build a vertical professional clothing procurement market, taobao, Tmall brands need characteristic, need new faster, therefore we need more and more strong ability of supply chain integration. Taobao, the day the cat on the sales side has been very successful, but the whole background of supply chain management in the process of raw materials procurement, development, production and so on electronic, platform has just started.

CBBS change has only just begun

alibaba group (B2B business group) procurement chief strategic cooperation officer Marsha said that 1688 has been selected 10 areas, clothing industry is one of them.

it is conceivable that the 10 industry can have its particularity, need very tedious work to standardize, ali lobbying the industrial chain of enterprises also need to join their platform. Alibaba’s mission is “there is no difficult to do business”, want to make the enterprise business do not hard, flat to Taipei then all the “hard” things to handle.

as the most understand commercial Internet company, to help the industry chain to the Internet, alibaba’s responsibility. To achieve this ideal, however, the complexity and particularity of need alibaba respect industry chain, to listen to the voice of the industrial chain each link, and they work together, in this way can we really solve the trouble back at home of enterprise to the Internet. For supply chain enterprise, don’t grasp era give opportunity, also may regret in the future. Such communication will be a good start to the two sides to strengthen cooperation.

CBBS is a revolution, it is the industrial chain to change, and alibaba, especially 1688 platform itself changes. The change has only just begun.

the CBBS after success will be what kind of picture?

maybe like ma predicted: consumers and distributors trading on taobao day cat, by the B2B supply distributors, distributors then the individuality demand consumer feedback to the manufacturers, and to guide them. In such a new electronic commerce chain, all the participants are equal. Between enterprises and enterprises of the starting line is the same, the result is different, due to their efforts, the quality of our products and service level difference, rather than due to possession of resources and relationships. Small businesses can be gained through hard, big enterprise can’t get the order. Between consumers and businesses are equal, the consumer can effectively supervise the enterprises, consumers to determine product categories, service manner.