Us Internet financial well-known enterprises Bankrate how to profit?

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the three departments, ensure the effective operation of

1. The research department

research center is composed of a number of analysts, every analyst is responsible for a number of financial product information collection and analysis. Analysts collect information channel mainly has three kinds of financial products: on-the-spot investigation to the bank to know the latest information on financial products; By the cooperation of financial institutions will directly submit the financial product information to the analyst; Published on the Internet to collect financial institutions public information about financial products. Analysts to conclude the information gathered from various sources, sorting, analysis, and establish a database.

2. Edit department

the editorial work is around products to expand, it is design related financial calculation tools, the second is for the latest policy, finance information, reading stories, including market trends, the basic knowledge of financial management skills, related q&a, term explanation, experts and comment.

3. IT department

IT department is mainly responsible for Bankrate information query platform design, optimization and network security. For proper working demand, Bankrate signed an agreement with visitors in data form of cooperation; For access is abnormal, too frequently, half an hour to open hundreds of times, for example, to protect the database, prevent information being stolen, the IT department by setting the rules to identify and block the visitor’s IP.

four patterns, precise marketing mainly

Bankrate all consumer financial information and financial products online information services are free, will not charge any fee, also not set any service threshold. Bankrate all income from financial institutions of cooperation, can be divided into two parts: one is precision marketing income (mainly for insurance and credit card products), namely the financial product information in the attached financial institution purchase link or contact, through a guest for financial institutions and marketing fee; Second, mandatory advertising revenue, be in namely Bankrate website for financial institutions to do promotion and advertising fee.

according to 4 q 2013 earnings data, Bankrate online income (96%) for different products is divided into four patterns: the CPM (CostPerThousand, per thousand people access fees) and CPA (CostPerAction, according to the transaction cost), CPL (CostPerLeads, according to the potential sales opportunity charge) and CPC (CostPerClick, collect fees by clicks).

1. Display advertising , is present in the company’s web page ranking, the interest rate for the sponsorship of banner ads, posters, advertising and skyscraper collect fees by way of CPM, accounts for roughly 8% of the share;

2. credit card products, consumers to submit an application for a credit card or accept a personal insurance products offer and sign contract, according to each customer in the number of completed and approved by the issuing party according to the CPA charging ways, by the actual number of advertising business to the company apply for a credit card, and then confirmed by the company, accounting for 34% of the share,;

3. insurance product, the consumer information delivered to the insurance company or agent to confirm that each sales opportunity that income, in cooperation with the company insurance institutions may at the end of the month delivery information within 5-10 days company to apply for some discount about invalid opportunity, if more than time limit for application will not be accepted, this is to collect fees by way of CPL, accounting for 30%;

4. hyperlinks advertising, that is present in the company’s web site interest table text list, credit card companies, insurance companies can list by clicking on the enter to the company’s web site links, collect fees by way of CPC, accounting for 24% of the share.

acquisition, profit ups and downs

Bankrate as a major online business operating company, gross profit margin is as high as 60% above, net profit, however, have been ups and downs. From 2002 to 2008, because of the expansion of the company reform and the prosperity of the real estate market in the United States, Bankrate profitable for seven years. But with the outbreak of the subprime crisis of 2009, mortgage products to reduce, the advertisers budget cuts, consumer demand, caused the company losses of $44 million.

in the face of this huge systemic risk, Bankrate quickly adjust strategy, through the acquisition of,,, and InfoTrak insurance and credit card online services company, will loss narrowed to $21 million in 2010, to 2012, the company a profit again. The diagram below, due to the acquisition of 2010 of investment activities net cash flow of close to $400 million, while operating activities net cash flow after the acquisition of rising year by year.

2013 Bankrate again a small loss of $10 million, the reason lies in the company clear non-core and poor performance of insurance website non-business expenses caused by the rise. After the big push into credit and insurance market, Bankrate can still awake in time to get rid of less profitable insurance website, visible Bankrate decision of precise and flexible strategy, can foresee the future the company will usher in the development of faster and more stable.