USB Type – C design finalized, plug the plug is follow one’s inclinations!!!!

start promotion team announced that they had completed the reversible USB connector design Type – C finalized, to replace all the current USB connector. New reversibility of the design of USB, makes it possible to do not have to worry about which way up into, this is similar to apple’s thunder interface.

USB Type – C has several significant change. First, it is thinner than the current USB interface; Second, USB Type – C interface will be able to apply to notebook computers, smart phones and tablets; Third, the USB Type – C is reversible. Don’t like the connectors today there will be a wrong connection mode. The USB Type – C will be able to provide 100 watts of power, data transmission speed can reach 10 GBPS.

USB promotion group announced that in the known universe, the greatest invention is reversible USB connector Type – C invention, and they finally began to prepare for mass production. USB perpetrators BBS now according to the Type – C specifications, can begin to build support this reversible USB connection cables and adapters. In the next few months, we can see USB device Type – C, but considering the lack of backwards compatibility (need an adapter), combined with the existing Micro – USB connector is as a standard cell phone charge by several countries in the world of fact mandated by the government, so if Type – C do you want to be a unified industry standard, it may take a while.

reversible Type – C connector with smartphones at the bottom of the existing Micro – USB interface size is roughly the same size, but it is reversible. If this were not enough, it will be a new USB – at the end of the cable ends equipped with Type – C connector. So that it will eventually let consumers think they can manage to use, not for some cables. It only takes a little time to imagine: in a few months later, you can catch a USB cable to insert it at random, without a trace of apprehension. I don’t fully understand why we to such a breakthrough, has to wait for the 15 years or even more time, but I’m glad we have finally arrived.

The Type – C connector, it has 18 a pin, essentially two USB 3.1 high speed connector (had the standard four pin, add five to complete 10 GBPS connection). If plug in the connector in a way, then the pin at the top of the Settings will be used; If you put on the other hand, the bottom of the pin set will be used. It’s very simple. Type – C the connector also support a new USB power supply specifications ( design has also been finalized) today, as much as 100 , can also use a USB cable ( enough for laptops or charging power supply equipment, including a display) to transmit.

you might have discovered, very sadly, you can’t insert the plug of the Type C – old USB slot but it can create a standard from A to C Type of cable ( such as from the old computer to a new Type smartphones – C). The new USB specification lists the adapter Type – C create – for example, from the Micro – USB to Type – C. As you can see the various chart below, the new 18 pin Type – C still retained the original four USB pin – they just in a different position. The USB promotion group, said connector Type – C rated with Micro – USB the same 10000 times, but I’m sure that the more complicated the design and the smaller the pins are likely to lead to some problems.

as Type – C design is finalized, now for the USB – IF (that is, the USB user ), is to realize the USB socket, plug, cable, adapter , and equipment development. The problem is the , existing billions USB equipment, need new adapter and cable to with Type – C equipment used together. It is like the apple’s thunder, it is within a relatively large scale. And worsen the problem of the event is the Chinese , the , all agree , new mobile equipment is the use of Micro USB to charge.

considering the reversible USB cable will make consumers how to get happiness, so, I think it will be quickly adopted. I hope we can begin to see in the next few months some are equipped with a socket Type – C motherboard, and then followed by some cable and adapter. To the 2015 year, we may see the first Type – C smartphone. Looking forward to some C type connector, also can support the new power transmission specification , especially on the laptop and desktop.