Use sound waves to cell phone charging, uBeam technology magic haven’t see you!

a 25 year old girl from America Meredith Perry shows her uBeam product prototype design: a ultrasonic equipment for wireless charging platform.

when the 25-year-old Meredith Perry at the university of Pennsylvania study astrobiology, her career goal is to explore life on other planets; But then Perry accidentally discovered something more let her hi sen: using ultrasonic to realize portable electronic products (such as mobile phones and laptops) of wireless charging technology.

how did Perry is that? She created a to electricity extract and convert them to a voice to borrow by carrying audio ultrasonic transmission in the air to power electronic devices and power of technology converts voice again. Actually she created is a kind of conversion technology: power converter for voice first, transmitted by ultrasonic receiver to connect on electronic equipment, get back to power again after receiving sound, so as to realize wireless charging. This technology makes electronic equipment in the room, in any corner of the pocket wallet even can realize continuous charging.

last week, Perry company uBeam formally announced that it has adopted the technique of early concept prototype (at the beginning is Perry university innovation competition ideas), and has set up according to the production function prototype; But now they are marketed plan after the completion of the product.

“it is only when a charge can allow you to receive calls in the room and walked in the wireless power systems” Perry said in an interview, “as long as in the range of allowable ultrasonic transmitter, you will have such as WiFi charging of the experience”.

the wireless charging products will be for up to 5 mm thickness and graceful shape. The sender can like wallpaper or ornaments attached in metope, and send power to the electronic equipment. At the same time, smart phones and laptops will be inserted with receivers, to receive audio and transformation and implement charging.

the technology could also brought significant changes to the design of the equipment: support uBeam tools will be able to configure more frivolous and continuous charging the battery. Battery technology over the past few decades there is almost no breakthrough, equipment manufacturers can only continue by battery capacity and energy saving technology to improve.

“if the wireless transmission of energy is everywhere, so your battery plate will greatly narrowed, because it is all in charge”, Perry said, “you will not need the line, also don’t need power adapter.”

uBeam products will be listed in the next two years. Perry said the company will be the first to produce two different charging a as some of the smaller places such as residential, office, use; Another criterion deflection industrial size, sports venues, airports, hotels, conference hall, and music venues.

meanwhile, uBeam also announced that they had found another: high safety coefficient data transmission can also through their wireless charging products. This means that uBeam master technology also can be applied to the so-called “Internet of things” – the everyday objects to communicate through the network.

however, uBeam charging technology indeed there are some serious limitations, such as energy transmitter power wouldn’t penetrate walls. Not like to use a device can make WiFi around the home or small office, uBeam user might have to give every room is equipped with a sender.

in addition, there is an application problem. Short distance wireless charging technology has been around for years, but how to apply it to the family and the office has not made much progress. UBeam said, however, this kind of situation will be changed, because they have the technology to be able to transport distance, but also because in their ideas, people everywhere will be equipped with the sender.

about this, Perry said: “we will direct selling products not only sell to customers, also sold to chain restaurants and hotels, we want to make uBeam transmitter to occupy the whole market! At that time, your home downstairs in front of the cafe advertising board in addition to a ‘free WiFi, there will be a’ free uBeam ‘”.

at present, uBeam company is the United States patent and trademark office to apply for 18 about wireless charging and ultrasound technology patents. In addition, uBeam is nearing the end of A round of funding; And earlier during the seed, the company has from the Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, American vc firms raised $1.7 million of that money to finance Fund and Andreessen Horowitz.

Source: NYT