User growth is slowing, product innovation stagnation, Twitter COO

a few days ago, Twitter COO Ali Rowghani officially from Twitter. The former is considered to be Twitter “co-ceo” powerful, but because of the social media “lackluster performance”, and become the “scapegoat”.

Twitter has proved that this news. Although Ali Rowghani will stay on as Twitter “advisory role,” obviously he was completely lost power.

, analysts say, Ali Rowghani departure is not an accident. Recently, Twitter slow growing user scale and lackluster on product function innovation, let is responsible for the business of Ali Rowghani quite embarrassing. Especially in the company’s share price volatility to shove, Ali Rowghani sold a lot of holding stocks ($9.9 million), which makes Twitter was enragedu by the board of directors. Deepens, along with the contradiction between management, headed by Mr Castro has been gradually “marginalized” Ali Rowghani.

Ali Rowghani

Ali Rowghani has extremely profound background. After he was Pixar’s CFO. After add Twitter, Ali Rowghani accomplishments visible. He has helped Twitter acquired social TV data analysis company, etc. Media for Ali Rowghani gave high evaluation, especially after his promotion to COO, the Wall Street journal said it was to save Twitter repair “Sir”.

it is important to note that the report says Ali Rowghani after leaving office, Twitter might be in a very long period of time no longer new candidate appointed the position of COO.