Vc circle new gameplay: investment and financing docking do not collect fees, hope that investment gains

(word/qing nan)

emerge under the domestic investment and financing and docking platform, has set up three years of equity financing platform vc circle has launched a new play again.

on July 25, the third anniversary celebration, vc circle, founder and CEO xiao-ning li issued the company’s new strategy, to update the domain name, also announced vc circle based on both the free docking platform, the depth of the Financial management service (Financial Advisor) are all free.

the profit pattern of conventional venture capital industry is help successful project financing, and then charge a percentage of the commission as a service charge. Future whatever in vc and vc circle platform’s early projects, after through screening, can get venture capital financing and docking services, until the financing, venture capital will not charge any fee.

in the outside view, this is undoubtedly the cut off “make money” at the core of the business. To this, xiao-ning li the scene said: “free to move in order to obtain more long-term development. Play a role of the Internet platform to the greatest extent, attract more early projects. Venture capital, meanwhile, will more focus on the advantage, relying on professional ability, mining project quality to investors, to help investors making profits, which in turn stimulate more money and resources into the field of early project, form a positive cycle of vitality.”

as an important component of VC2.0, vc circle development of online business. Through the most complete collection of domestic venture capital industry data, to help investors and entrepreneurs to understand the project background of the development of the industry, the investment and financing situation and competition situation, to provide investment and financing decision-making basis and reference data.

in the future, the business model of venture capital circle xiao-ning li set in terms of the return on investment. Therefore, vc circle also synchronous on-line dynamic funds investment platform, to vote the way to reduce investment risk. At the same time, venture capital circle will focus on screening high quality project, share, with investors to investors in the form of with or close shots share in profits. , venture capitalists from ring set up the “fund” will also be involved for return on investment.

after three years of accumulation, vc circle platform authentication investors amounted to more than 1000, 28573 in project. According to xiao-ning li, vc circle three years to help more than 150 projects successfully completed financing, financing amount reach to more than 200 million yuan RMB.