Vertical activity, do not do it, do platform

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this is an interesting interview.

once reservation activity CEO Luo Ziwen interview, but I promise once. The second time didn’t meet the CEO Luo Ziwen activity.

the zhongguancun e world C 10 layer, the active line office in a small room, Luo Ziwen chatted with me.

accurately, activity line is a Taiwan companies to the mainland, Taiwan company called activities, are to do the Internet activities of publishing and management platform. Different is their independent operation, the same is a subsidiary is nature.

activity line is a registration and ticketing platform, focused on the activity organizers provide from release, promotion, registration, payment, electronic ticketing, qr code late check-in and the list of management, and other one-stop solution.

the activities of the Taiwan and the mainland platform difference between

Taiwan more platform when the activity, the activity and efficiency is the efficiency of management and activities.

more mainland business channel, the activity to the audience, the attendees. But the development speed is activity, Luo Ziwen said that mainland activities to our expectation, host of some big, the body is to eat less.

at the moment, activities the focus on the activities of organization efficiency, including page layout, pictures, registration, ticketing, they have not done is expected in the “heart”, best Luo Ziwen said they also have a big knot in on-line scheduling function of development.

“activity line has been experiencing the process of transformation.”

domestic users like SMS, to attend the meeting most check-in or box, since the name is changed, operations have to change, further localization.

event notification, as far as possible to SMS, mail notification as auxiliary items. Most activity venue hotel mobile phone signal is bad, so the line activities to develop can sweep offline code function, and the current line of site activity recommended are random, the more care about quality, before this, fair them in the first place, every good activity to have the opportunity to display.

activity line was established in May 2012, but in March 2012 line activities belong to the parent company of Taiwan Accuvally received qualcomm, DCM millions of dollars to A round of investment, such as 12 years in June, the mainland version of the activity is launched, March 14 years and received hundreds of millions of nt $B round of investment, softbank saif led, DCM, qualcomm to vote. Activity line half of the team in shenzhen at present, half of the team in Beijing, the Beijing team is responsible for product and more operational.

line there are two financing activity, but Luo Ziwen said, this is not a burning money business, the main users in a second-tier cities, need to slowly do, word of mouth. Now they also found a interesting thing, in second – and third-tier cities such as nanjing, hangzhou, events in rich, a rising momentum, seize this group of users are going to do in the future.

never do vertical, do platform to do. High quality activities platform, not limited to the Internet, financial circle, also including animation, music, parties, and even the personal nature of the small salon. Luo Ziwen said, “this is an active platform, efficient organization activities, this is the core.



time: in May 2012,

company: Beijing apotheker creative information technology co., LTD.


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