Virtual and reality, dream don’t wake up in the future are the same

virtual and reality, will be more and more. The second phase of The baidu hundred “The BIG Talk, invited to Stanford university virtual reality interaction lab supervisor Jeremy Bailenson do dawn keynote of virtual revolution.

the concept of virtual reality is quite early, the end of last century has been an industry, but in reality technology into the trough .

it is Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg announced in April’s $2.3 billion takeover of Oculus VR virtual reality technology company, make the virtual reality technology has been picked up again, the but it seems that this time the momentum is more fierce than the last .

popular virtual reality is in a simulated three-dimensional space to construct a virtual world, users in the auditory, visual, tactile can perceive, such as the scene. These scenarios in the body feeling game applications will be more obvious.

if you use more emotional adjectives is soul out-of-body experience, yes, the future of virtual reality is to make participants outside the soul , tracking, change the scene, in the virtual scene completely, and then give participants immersive experience.

game, solve, virtual reality technology is the field of virtual reality technology commonly used .

a few simple usage scenarios, the game scene is easy to understand, be bought by Facebook Oculus VR (virtual reality technology company head display Oculus Rift is a virtual reality display, the purpose of this product is change the way people game. Can make the user’s “vision” part of the body senses like into the game, Oculus Rift the biggest characteristic is little after wearing “screen” this concept, users see the entire game world.

organized crime scene, in the process of all kinds of cases, the scene of the crime is to obtain evidence and the material basis for the investigation clues. Once the scene of the crime was damaged and has a great influence on the working speed will, so the best way is to the original site contact person as little as possible, here can do crime scene reconstruction using virtual reality technology, the maximum reduction real scene information, accelerate the case progress.

the more interesting is such a scene, by virtual reality technology can give a person to see him the appearance of the old time, and in accordance with the present stage the income level of the income level of dynamic performance after decades of . Vivid and real, can indirectly to alert the people, let them pay attention to the way of life, attention to finance and weight loss in life.

while virtual reality can bring so many benefits, but everything has two sides, one side of the fear is that the user immersive experience after too much will lose interest in reality, to produce another kind of escape, after the game was too much will not touch with reality at the same time increase their violence.

, for the moment, to achieve the effect must is highly mature virtual reality technology, the development of virtual reality is good but not to the point of good, the current virtual reality technology is still concentrated in the field of display, in view of the sense of touch, smell and other areas of feedback also lack of corresponding technology .