Wang Xiao talk online travel business: the user community has no chance

on May 16, in the letter, bridging investment, 3 w innovative media jointly organized the “future Internet tourism innovation contest finals and industry peak BBS, famous angels Wang Xiao Internet tourism market is analyzed, and share the business opportunity.

Wang Xiao thinks, outbound tourism market is big, but the guest unit price high and low frequency, the key lies in the grasp the balance of the price and the experience. His advice to entrepreneurs to focus on “the dream silk” in the market, specializing in products and services, and make cost performance.

here is a small make up recovered dry goods, provide the reference for the entrepreneurs and professionals.

to prick silk products are easier to scale

outbound tourism is a balance of price and experience. Experience is good, price is low, how to find the balance point I think is particularly important. Especially high-end to the South Pole, for example, a trip to anywhere, the total water must not be particularly high; Guest unit price low, such as a trip to two thousand yuan, the total water may be particularly high.

guest unit price low, two or three times a year, so it can scale growth. Retrieve the user, a feature of the Internet, it must be a mass of users, may only be effective advertising, special precision (niche users) is very difficult to growth in the Internet.

guest unit price low at the same time also to services, such as increasing the WiFi module, the cost is not high, but should be a standard of outbound tourism.

for services and products

great obvious outbound tourism market. (positive) in the market the right positioning and your ability to service, go down, after the exit punters on the travel company, it must be the product design of competing ability and service ability.

users, the community of the products has been done about the same. Do flow type, do the user’s company didn’t have a chance, if you do business must be class products and service company. How to integrate resources to meet online prick silk leaves country the traveling demand, how to design a product, make it a cost-effective, I think it is a challenge. Who can do this well who has market.

from 0 to 1 of the five key

1, find the value point: if you find a relatively larger point, turned into a rigid demand, you can find better business market;

2, avoid the giant firepower range: avoid now compare with energy companies in the tourism market, such as ctrip, where to go. Such as hotel, the hotel price do tonight hotel market has been monopolized by large companies, so tonight firewall is not very thick, easily interrupted by big companies. Standardization of the market, have no too many small companies the opportunity to play;

3, find the team ability: ability to look at your team? Internet line, a line, this is definitely not, don’t want to do community as a market, the team configuration is not dozen however, there must be a lot of people do the same market. Chosen the right market, the team have no dozen over others, is also a very bad thing;

4, focus, open up a gap: small companies don’t too many resources, first open a gap of seven or eight in a market, and investors’ investment. That is to say, you first on a point, come up to Europe and the United States Han Quan do not say, this thing is also an opportunity;

5, word of mouth: word of mouth is an important resource in the Internet, including millet mainly do word of mouth. Tourism product is the same, if your product experience your reputation is not good, to put it bluntly today you are to tens of millions of water, you have no tomorrow. To ensure the company’s rapid development at the same time, word of mouth does not fall, because it is itself a service experience, if you didn’t keep up with the customers, experience has not kept pace with the problem of the I think is prone to word of mouth.

direct users to the three areas of


1, special single market oriented and want to go abroad and want to cheap prick silk user, the user is abundant, especially in the second – and third-tier markets. He meet demand is rigid want to go abroad or first or second to go abroad, don’t want to spend too much money, mostly around the east and southeast Asia market. This market is very few, but the competition is very intense.

2, outside the single item such as through the phone booking concert tickets to Paris. Consider this matter, three years ago when the smartphone popularity is not high, so I put down. Can now do, but you can’t cheap, result the money you go to Paris is very expensive, there is a relationship of upstream and downstream.

3, P2P local guide services: such as after arriving in Paris to provide the driver and tour guide service, this part is also startup option in one direction. The biggest challenge in this direction is the guest unit price is not particularly high, and the frequency is not too high. The demand is there, the key is how to find a relatively low cost and suitable method.

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