Want to see Google robot? ! In fact, Google is Now a

OK to Google, why can’t I eat chocolate?

such as this problem is above the children when parents’ use of a mobile phone, often asked about Google Now, but I can’t answer this magical Google voice assistant.

Google Now can Now support 52 different language query tasks. What is more, the future Google Now will support every user, at the same time using seven kinds of languages for language instruction at most. Google initially told CNET, the function to launch on Wednesday, but then again until late summer, did not release the exact date.

in the use of this function of money, the user must first select their second language, once chosen service began to run. At the same time, the multilingual support in the near future will apply to all Google Now users.

Google researcher told CNET that seemingly simple language search task is much more difficult to operate in fact. Not long ago, vice President of Google search business Yehoshua investigated Google Now “brand” propaganda.

he said: “the United States 50% of smartphone and tablet users know that Google Now voice search, a third are in use.” But, he adds, most people don’t know about Google Now natural session at present the development process of the query function.

, according to data provided by the Google Now launched three years, a total of 130 million americans used Google voice search. Google voice Now is an absolute cross-platform assistant: it is logged in Google, Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS and Android, iOS, Windows 8, and other platforms.

Yehoshua said: “most people will use it to query the weather, rarely asked, ‘I need an umbrella today? Such a question.”

Google voice recognition Microsoft engineer team leaders Johann Schalkwyk Google part of the efforts to solve the numerous problems are discussed.

he said: “in order to make the digital assistant became part of People’s Daily life, it must make the user feel it help is valid.” The problem is, the current actual situation is not always the case. Noise, accent, children’s informal expressions, the full play of the utility of the restricts the Google Now.

he pointed out that Google Now launched a year or two, will be able to identify the child’s words, and this is a memorable prediction. However, according to the U.S. children’s online privacy protection act, keep a child’s data in law is controversial. In addition, it also has technical difficulties.

According to the

Yehoshua, technology level, speech and input mode is difficult to identify children aged 3 to 10 words, language is much more difficult than to identify adults.

in spite of these issues, Schalkwyk still believe that with the development of the Google voice recognition, Google can go there some trouble sooner or later.

he said: “five years or more in a short period of time, my computer can identify words of children as adults.”

although Google has just announced the recognition technology has complete to Indian accent can be recognized, but there is still a great technology gap.

Google the third question is South Africa’s indigenous Schalkwyk said “the far field environment”. The microphone too far away from the speaker’s mouth, can’t deal with it technology. Even sofa to television between 6 to 9 feet for technical processing is too far away.

Schalkwyk confirmed many Google users have found that Google Now deal with a bad name, especially the place name and hotel name. They are filled with the fixed figure in the Google knowledge and real world facts and related database.

there is a problem, we’ll call it “nerd factor”. Talk to your phone is no longer so cool, robot answer even silly.

however, Yehoshua isn’t going to change the original password “OK” Google “or timbre of the robot for humane treatment.

she said: “the sound will be better, answer will also be more polite.” Before she refused to give guidance, although she did mention, like Japan type as the input of English countries are more likely to be the easy to use voice search.

as to how to answer questions from your child’s “why can’t I eat chocolate” such a problem, maybe Google Now will tell them to eat vegetables more useful body development.