Was less than two years, Surface let Microsoft lost more than 100 million

, reveal to us the Microsoft Surface tablet business “ashamed to show” the veil. Since the end of 2012, the first Surface products, the department has made Microsoft lost $1.7 billion (10.5 billion yuan).

analysis, citing Microsoft more than financial report submitted the following estimates:

the total cost of the Surface in the second quarter of this year the business cost of $772 million. After Microsoft announced results show that Surface quarterly revenue of $409 million. This means that, as of June 30, in the quarter, Surface loss of $363 million. And this is the Surface since its launch, the biggest quarterly loss amount.

in fiscal year 2014 (Microsoft’s 2014 fiscal year is from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014), Microsoft Serface business total revenue of $2.192 billion, and the total overhead cost about $2.872 billion dollars. This means that the 2014 fiscal year Microsoft Surface department a total of $680 million to the bad.

in fiscal year 2013 Surface total revenue of $853 million, the total overhead cost about $1.902 billion. This means that the 2013 fiscal year, Surface department total losses of $1.049 billion.

by addition of two income, in less than two years, Microsoft Surface department a total of $1.73 billion to the bad.

so far, Surface sector revenue accounted for 3% of total revenue than Microsoft, one of Microsoft’s equipment and consumer products division of less than 9% of total revenue. Analysis report pointed out that if Microsoft wants to realize the balance of Surface department, at least to make the department annual gross margin increase between 4% and 5.2%.