Way of the Gospel, comparable to the intelligent navigation guide dog shoes!

let Google glasses and intelligent bracelet aside, in wearable technology to blow another vortex is likely will be a smart shoes from India. This smart shoes named “The lechal”, in Indian language means “take me away”, it is equipped with bluetooth function, and connected to Google maps insoles, and vibration to remind The user when and where should be turned to, to get to The final destination.

this smart shoes by India’s technology start-ups Ducere Technologies Pvt, invented in it with a sync with Google maps application is linked together, you can track your progress and calculate the heat consumption. The shoe itself can be used to jog around the town.

at this point, you may think that this may be a kind of high and new technology, which is developed for runners, but Lechal have more extensive application. The insole is suitable for any shoes in your shoe. When you use Siri navigation to drive, want to listen to music? The Lechal can be replace by vibration to let you know when to open. It can be in the user to ride a bicycle, hiking, walking play to its function, without the need for tourists stopped to look at the map every five seconds.

smart shoes designed to really help the visually impaired to be familiar with the world around them. According to the world health organization reported that about 90% of the blind people live in developing countries, and nearly 20% of the blind people live in India.

users can also in your own mobile phone positioning fixed location on the map, used in contact with others. The shoes with tactile feedback to guide the wearer, at the right corner turning dating friends or find their way to any place.

smart shoes Lechal also comes with a performance – called intelligent auxiliary when with your mobile phone is quite a long way from adjacent area, it will automatically remind you.

in fact, it is not the first high-tech smart shoes, but it was first used in the field of navigation. Aetrex years ago created a used to track people with alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia people smart shoes, but they are not used in tactile learning, navigation or personal health.

Lechal design concept from two received education in the United States India engineer, Peggy Ann Lawrence and Anirudh sharma. Both a lifetime of good friend, and returned to India in 2011 in the new created Ducere Telengana bond, it quickly grew into a company with 50 employees. The smart shoes Lechal Ducere is the company’s first product, and is expected to September this year to about $100 to $150 in retail sale.