WeChat dare not do, hand on the top of the Q will?

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a growing micro letter finally established the independent enterprise group. O2O, mobile phone games, Internet financial, third-party enterprise services, and even from the media, WeChat will have more investment on his plate, the opportunity to expand. But I think at this point deserves more attention when mobile phone QQ.

micro letter independent hand Q also

WeChat before independence, coupling with tencent business is extremely high. Now it will have a decoupling process. Independent accounting means and other business boundaries clear, resource sharing will be quantified.

for mobile phone QQ, it is not the WeChat bright light, will not be repressed completely independent development. 2 it is WeChat enterprise group and the mobile phone QQ resource contention will be more intense. Is based on the results of the YiErDian, mobile phone QQ must find completely differentiated from mobile phone QQ way wrong peak travel, or don’t do spare tire, don’t do.

a year ago, these days the phone QQ made a big revision, because users can’t accept the change is too big, be sensational product accident, had to use a mobile phone QQ upgrade to meet the needs of users. That was when the mobile phone QQ and WeChat competition is the most tragic, their key points to find their own position, I also have written an article, “mobile phone QQ WeChat, and WeChat in delicate moment,” diocletian augustus and internal competition.

version 4.1 after repeated phone QQ upgrade, but gentle. Is actually find their new line. A year later see, mobile phone QQ and WeChat already looks different.

hand Q4.2 online game center theme, character, etc., 4.5 online reading center, space is dynamic, flash, a group of photo album, the watermark image, etc. Work closely with reading, space and other business in the process of the mobile phone QQ on a path to a less dramatic growth, and differentiation. 4.6 new point to point voice function, the latest upgrade to version 4.7 to expand to many people chat, voice function real-time voice function is not a technical problem, but the mobile phone QQ choice in this node to join or intriguing.

key to enter the mobile phone QQ real-time voice

micro letter also has voice function, called voice intercom. While it is possible to achieve a similar effect, is the application level of the software to the software business, but there are many different places.

phone QQ voice function can support QQ contacts, migration is a PC QQ voice chat; Also support the mobile phone address book, as long as the other installed the QQ.

note that this is not a VOIP phone, because you are chatting with a QQ users, just use the “call” form. From the start icon to select objects to initiate calls to call ringing and communication process. Users are difficult to distinguish between he is now on to make a phone call to the other party or QQ voice, hand Q will experience made it very similar, it is in the user’s quietly call used to carry on the Internet business.

there is phone QQ will this feature in a prominent position, many people voice but also the window function of 4.7. WeChat to avoid robbing operators last job has been away for real-time, micro reliance intercom is placed on the edge position, many video, but more practical people voice has not online. This suggests that the hand Q bolder.

micro letter can’t do, hand on the top of the Q will

from users, hand over micro letter Q permeability, during the second – and third-tier cities than the letter, so with the mobile phone address book overlap degree is higher, “analog voip phone QQ do more practical.

at the same time the QQ voice and video on the PC end utilization rate is very high, in addition to accumulated the streaming media technology base, also cultivate the habit of the user. With voice and video habit, also have both online real-time synchronous communication habits (micro letter is delay asynchronous communication). Hand Q moving users these habits to mobile phone more easy.

it is more important that maybe WeChat has become the carrier of the putative foe. Micro letter in very not easy to obtain equilibrium between operators and later, when it comes to business operators still speak small micro, such as real-time voice, template text messages, call center, business has been slow to dare not mount a horse. The mobile phone QQ in the past in the “dark”, instead of operators don’t seriously.

these days, China mobile also succumb, fly to chat, Jego successively after being cut off, fetion phone functions come out again. This is based on the VOIP phone fetion, unlike QQ voice and WeChat interphone, it can be directly to mobile phones, do not install the App fixed-line telephone, like SKYPE. Due to the low permeability fetion, operators of birth defect on the Internet, the function of a minor worry. But if several operators are posted to grab users, free call or attractive.

the environment is also a VOIP phone or Internet voice calls become a trend. Whatsapp, Google’s plans are, at the end of last year to integrate Microsoft MSN has also appeared in the IM and SKYPE message. Mature 4 g era, mobile network infrastructure, Internet phone for new development opportunities. Both defense and layout, tencent is prepared in the field of Internet phone. Micro letter is unlikely to launch network phone, still have to depend on the top of the mobile phone QQ head-on.

Q of speech imaginary space

phone QQ voice if you can freely play and imaginary space far more than we are now using phone functions.

to see what operators based on phonics made some business.

1, enterprise business, such as call center, enterprise cluster network (enterprises integrated communication solutions), group ringtone, conference calls, etc.;

2, personal information service, China mobile, China telecom, 12580, 114, after the charge pattern to provide voice information service, such as book hotel tickets, travel directions, check the weather to buy tickets, etc., they are the important public comment on O2O Internet giants such as rivals, in India, as a new kind of mobile search.

3, the music business, personal ringtone, this line of business makes China mobile music become the biggest base of digital music subject.

without considering operator, if the phone QQ to the popularization of voice calls, of course, like 12580, enterprises can also carry out voice QQ (enterprise) is an important business of tencent QQ, QQ conference calls, mobile phone QQ ringtone value-added business.

in addition, because in the hands of the mobile phone QQ user QQ contacts and phone address book (and both are convergence), social relationships, have the user data, and can nourish the upper application open platform, can develop more than we thought some of the new voice business, all of which may be free, tencent in the value-added services, and it is good at subsequent charge pattern to make a profit.

WeChat enterprise group since its founding, will integrate resources to speed up the steps of internationalization and commercialization. Mobile phone QQ also will become a independent road, from the point of its latest version, voice is becoming the key function. The 4 g era, the Internet voice application was approaching, mobile phone QQ for micro letter head up.

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