WeChat public platform version: allow graphic message to add hyperlinks

last night, micro letter announced the upcoming public platform, the biggest difference is that allow add jump in graphic news link and a new developer center.

now explains revised points are as follows:

1. Allow add jump in graphic news links

to open the micro letter to pay of the public, allow add skip links in graphic message

2. To upgrade service center for functional plug-in

every public number can add function plugin page, see the account can apply for all of the features.

3. Merchants function was renamed WeChat payment

for the enterprise or business to recognize and apply for micro letter payment function, the public platform for the original “merchants” renamed “micro letter to pay”. The renamed micro letter pay specific function remains the same, is to promote sales, payment collection, business analysis, and other functions of a complete set of solutions.

4. New developer center

In addition to the

edit mode and development mode, make ordinary users more convenient to use the public, developers can also be in the center of the developer, unified management development resources, permissions, and configuration.

5. A new visual, elegant and relaxed

flat the fresh visual style, unified, standardized interface elements, change numerous for brief, improve the use efficiency of the public platform.

6. More than 164 detail improvement, to provide more user experience.

micro letter team

July 02, 2014