Weekly investment and financing, color in a hurry, more should be meditation

color in a hurry, depoliticization, again friend happy weekend. Not much said, sort out the investment and financing of big events every week. For you in the HAPPY weekend, Saul again in the rim of the eye.

: data reference IT orange, orange is IT attention IT structured company database of Internet industry and business information service providers ( do Internet, must understand moral integrity, hem )

1. sexual supplies electricity “and the hall” obtain 60 million yuan investment, B together venture led

and the hall (http://www.chunshuitang.com) was founded in 2003, is a combination of online adult electrical goods brand, provide a wide range of adult, sex toys, etc. The company has won $60 million B round of investment, resultant force throws the collar, and the hall has won ten million yuan in 2010, A round of investment.

2. alibaba purchase ASLAN ASLAN and cool fly online

ASLAN ASLAN (http://aslan.com.cn/) was founded in 2004, is A global ticket B2B service platform, the main international air ticket online query and booking service, with A “cool” online the international flight booking platform, had earlier obtain 20 million yuan in 2012, A round of investment. Alibaba group has acquired ASLAN ASLAN and cool online, continue to OTA layout tourism business.


, community based car rental Drivy received A $8.3 million round of investment

Drivy (https://www.drivy.com/) was founded in 2010, is A French car rental services platform, providing community based P2P car sharing, rental service, the company has received A $8.3 million round of investment, the Index Ventures led, after the company won A seed investment of up to 2 million euros.

4, the Yang science and technology get a $30 million C wheel investment

the overflow technology (http://www.adsame.com) was founded in 2009, is a digital marketing platform provider, built the DSP, the SSP, DMP three platform as the core of the Internet advertising ecosystem. The company today announced a $3 million C round of investment, capital led by jardine matheson lianchuang, dreams, warp/weft venture capital investment, auspicious peak, mount royal international and etc. This prequel to overflow technology won a peak investment led, SIG, the count of China and for tens of millions of dollars to B round of investment; Also had partners China millions of dollars in 2009, A round of investment.

5 and obtain one million yuan from the net angel investment

from the web (http://www.1neipin.com/) was founded in 2013, is a web based and micro letter of Internet recruitment and push the service platform, at present nearly 500 businesses, individual users to nearly 40000. The company has announced to obtain white angel investment ten thousand yuan, but did not disclose the specific institutions.

, 6 goals today received A $10 million round of investment, the fund led

this goal (http://www.jingoal.com) was founded in 2005, is a SaaS model of enterprise work platform, provides cross-platform cooperative office service for the enterprise and employees, currently has more than 70 registered enterprises. The company has announced A $10 million series A investment, led by tiger Asia fund, after this goal won A angel investment of ten million yuan.

7, original fight “kunlun” brand events in tens of millions of dollars A round of IDG capital investment from

should the full name of the kunlun kunlun world extreme fighting series, aims to build a world-class professional combat platform, build events, star, martial arts GuanJiao, tourism and gaming and other derivatives of the whole industry chain business model, since 2014 in qinghai TV broadcast. The event has tens of millions of dollars A wheel for IDG capital investment.

, 8 financial number one shop for neusoft venture investment ten million yuan, such as A round

financial number one shop (http://www.jr1.cn) was founded in 2013, is a financial products and financial services guide site, through the Internet, mobile Internet and 400 telephone channel, for small micro enterprise and individual consumers to provide financial information, more buy recommendations, consumer decision-making basis and direct purchase, etc. The company has won three institutions, such as neusoft venture jointly participate in A round of investment of ten million yuan.


, “big mouth” catering service for the public comments on web strategic investment

big mouth (http://www.dzb.cn) was founded in 2013, is a food and beverage industry oriented self-help order solution providers, including customers and merchants, edition of customer version provides consumers with mobile phone order, closing, reservation management, and other functions; Merchants version to assist the restaurant manager to service customers, winner-take-all network technology co., LTD., its products in Shanghai. The company announced today that strategic investment for public comment on net, but did not disclose the amount.


O2O service applications obtain 2 million yuan angel investment “thumb life”

“thumb life” APP (previously called: aunt good housekeeping) was founded in 2014, is a local life O2O software, can let you use mobile phone anytime, anywhere to find your side service personnel, such as the month sister-in-law, philipino, teachers, and organizers, moving company. Have free time of service personnel can through the phone APP shows their position, price, whether the idle state, such as near to the user to provide timely service. Moreover the thumb life standardized training for all service personnel, to provide users with standardized service, really for the connection of urban users and blue-collar workers, by O2O mode to complete online to offline. The company has obtained 2 million yuan angel investment, but did not disclose the specific investors.


creative product social electricity “too firebird” nearly $2 million in angel investment from the

too firebird (http://www.taihuoniao.com) was founded in 2014, is a main original product of socialization electric business platform, using all the way to raise the package, integrating creative product community and e-commerce service, help the designer achievements dream, to help consumers taste life. The company in its inception nearly $2 million in angel investment, by the very serious fund, buttonwood TongWei bright angels waiting for many joint investment of capital.

, 12 qihoo 360 acquisition of Internet advertising company MediaV become the controlling shareholder

MediaV poly – wan (http://www.mediav.com) was founded in 2009, is a precision marketing and digital marketing service providers, with poly product advertising platform, MediaV DSP service platform, the aggregated data platform, etc., had earlier respectively in 2009, 2010 and 2011, the speed of light vc, GGV capital, and soros’s quantum strategies of three rounds of investment fund. Qihoo 360 MediaV has announced a strategic investment, and become the controlling shareholder, but did not disclose the amount.

, 13 WeComics micro diffuse network received A $1.5 million round of investment

WeComics micro diffuse network (http://wecomics.cn) was founded in 2013, is a cartoon image authoring tools, users can create their own cartoon characters, adjusting role appearance, and can use the application within the comic scene, sharing in weibo, circle of friends. The company has received A $1.5 million round of investment, but did not disclose the specific institutions.

invest through the above events, readers have found that giant investment institutions are found in news media, and a small team, low-key startups to remove itself, when overlaid on the media is very difficult to have energy to do . (are glistening silver ah, woo), startups need more communication, to let more people know your product .

we hunt in line with the service principles for entrepreneurs, supervision and pain group of large enterprises, encourage support the idea of a small team, we are willing to free for entrepreneurial teams reported products, hope we can help the power of the startup display their products to more users, we have a moral integrity, and commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit. Let startup of the more violent .

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