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over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you glance Internet investment circles.

the domestic company

1, cool cat get tens of millions of yuan A round deep vc investment

cool cat (http://mallcoo.cn) was founded in 2012, is a shopping mall provide O2O solutions provider, can realize indoor maps, positioning, group purchase, electronic card, parking information and offers to show, and many other functions. The company has to obtain deep vc series A investment of $ten million.

2, ctrip travel companies in the United States Priceline’s $500 million investment in

ctrip today’s announcement, said Priceline will be in the form of convertible bonds to invest in ctrip, $500 million in total, account for up to 10%.

3, zhaopin acquisition “Chinese talents hotline”

Chinese talents hotline (http://cjol.com/) was founded in 1997, is a veteran of the online recruitment platform, provide recruitment, job seekers and the enterprise executive search, hr service etc. Zhaopin has announced acquisition of Chinese talents hotline, but did not disclose the amount.

4, concave and convex rental lianchuang policy source, is very serious fund ten million yuan angel investment

bump car rental (http://www.atzuche.com) was founded in 2014, is a leading P2P personal to personal car rental service, users can book online and rental vehicles. The company has obtained ten million yuan angel investment, joint investment by lianchuang policy source, is very serious fund.

5, live hundreds of lenovo star million dollar A round

live hundred (http://www.zhubaijia.com) was founded in 2012, is a main overseas Chinese short rent and special tourism product booking platforms. The company recently received lenovo star millions of us dollars A round of investment, has previously won millions of angel investment, investors including A former executive of tencent, CEO to the net, A famous domestic OTA, vice President, etc.

the foreign company

1, mattresses electricity service providers and Casper received A $13.1 million round of funding

and Casper (https://caspersleep.com/) was founded in 2014, is a mattress electricity service, hope to Internet thinking change mattresses from production to sales, as much as possible to break the intermediate links, provide consumers with more quality services and products of mattress. A few days ago, the company completed $13.1 million in A round of funding, by the lack of Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, Cendana Capital, Silas joint Venture Capital, etc.

2, film the raise service Seed& Spark a $1 million seed financing

Seed& Spark (http://www.seedandspark.com/) was established in May 2012, is a film all the related websites, raise directly for filmmakers and enthusiasts to provide project funding, such as sales, watch online service. A few days ago, the company completed a $1 million seed financing, by Manitou investment Ventures.

3, professional medical image sharing application Figure 1 received A $4 million round of funding

end of Figure 1 (https://figure1.com/) was founded in 2000, is a medical image sharing APP developers in the field of health care, to provide free safe medical related images. A few days ago, the company completed $4 million in A round of funding, the Union Square Ventures investment.

4, mobile search technology Vurb received A $8 million round of funding

Vurb (http://vurb.com/) was founded in 2012, is a technology company in the field of mobile search, try to change the traditional information query in the browser and the web page form, for more intelligent structural form. A few days ago, the company completed $8 million in A round of funding, by Redpoint Ventures, Susa Ventures, Stanford University, TenOneTen Ventures, joint investment, etc.

5, security technology company Bitglass received $25 million B round

Bitglass (http://www.bitglass.com/) was founded in 2013, is a technology company to provide security services, which provide the cloud security gateway can help enterprises to transfer to the based on saas and mobile security arrangements. A few days ago, the company completed a $25 million B round of funding, the New Enterprise Associates, SingTel Innov8, Norwest Venture Partners, such as joint investment. Data reference IT orange

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