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over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you through a recent Internet investment circles.

the domestic company

1. way home net $100 million C wheel investment

way home network (http://www.tujia.com) was founded in 2011, is a high quality service apartments and holiday apartment rental service platform. The company revealed today received C $100 million round of investment, but did not disclose led, saying only that the old shareholders ctrip, HomeAway have jointly participate in this round of investment, etc. The future home network had tens of millions of yuan in May 2012, A round of investment, in February 2013 for hundreds of millions of yuan B round, two rounds of added up to nearly 400 million yuan.

2. the sina acquisition wholly owned “love CaiWang”

love CaiWang (http://www.aicai.com) was founded in 2006, is an Internet lottery information, purchase site, sina’s investment in 2009, responsible for sina group lottery related information, interactive and sales platform construction and management. Sina announced today that it has full acquisition CaiWang love, was renamed “sina love”.

3. CRM service MaiKe announced to get Mr. Dai one million yuan of the Pre – A round of investment

MaiKe (http://mikecrm.com) was founded in 2012, is a lightweight CRM tools and enterprise service software, in order to form as a marketing entrance, collect information of target and potential customers; Supported by contact management, establish the foundation of the follow-up, Exports by E-mail, SMS marketing, make the enterprise can better convey the information to the end customer, and help enterprises to more easily achieve customer management and marketing. MaiKe has announced for angels Mr. Dai investment of one million yuan, after MaiKe won yun make angel investment funds.

4, ox king get high mountains huaxing millions angel investment

ox king (http://www.niuguwang.com) was founded in 2014, a new mobile phone to fry a software, to help users get trading opportunities, to build with winners, find people, intelligent stare, master gathered popularity trading community. At the beginning of the company was established in the perilous peak huaxing millions angel investment.

, 5 A8 music for music over hk $179 million investment m

meters music (http://duomi.com/) was founded in 2010, is a digital music service providers, the products cover mobile phone, PC, PAD, Internet HIFI stereo, smart TV terminal, the user has more than 200 million. A8 music has announced the investment of hk $179 million (RMB 140 million) for more m music can change according to the stock. After much m music won A A8 music 19 million yuan A round of investment, huayi brothers $3 million B round of investment.

the foreign company

1. $175 million acquisition of cisco network provider Tail -f Systems

Tail -f Systems (http://www.tail-f.com/) was founded in 2005, is a company from Sweden, focusing on SDN and NFV network provider, focusing on the network and virtual network of traditional processing multi-vendor network service orchestration solutions, had won a $6.3 million investment. Cisco has announced acquisition of Tail -f Systems, the price is $175 million.

2. Russia travel booking website Ostrovok received $12 million C wheel investment

Ostrovok (https://ostrovok.ru/) was founded in 2010, is a company from Russia OTA booking travel service providers, the main hotel reservation. Round of investment, the company has received $12 million C by Vaizra Capital in Russia led, so that the company’s total funding to $50.6 million.

3. phone BBS tool Tapatalk get $5.8 million series A investment

Tapatalk (https://tapatalk.com/) was founded in 2012, is a mobile phone on the BBS service tools, dedicated to helping developing specific mobile client, let users BBS migrate to mobile Internet. The company received A $5.8 million round of investment, gather, IDG Capital Partners, joint investment.

4, Twitter acquisition video technology company SnappyTV

SnappyTV (http://www.snappytv.com/) was founded in 2010, is a video technology company, to provide real-time video editing, editing, distribution and other services, has won nearly $800000 in angel investment. Twitter has announced acquisition SnappyTV, but did not disclose the specific price.

5 and men e-commerce sites Touch Of Modern $14 million B round

Touch Of Modern (http://www.touchofmodern.com) was founded in 2012, is a special fashion from male user oriented e-commerce sites, including: electronic products, fashion goods, etc. The company has received $14 million B round of investment, by Partech Ventures to bring investment, Great Oaks cast, Venture Capital and has received A $3 million round of investment. Data reference IT orange

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