Weekly investment and financing, rebates, new schoolbag evolution

things develops very fast, just like the hot weather, will make you unconsciously. Dragon-boat festival is coming, investment event a week, in the HAPPY festival, take you to a glance.

the domestic company

1. bud honey baby get $20 million B round

bud honey baby (http://www.miyabaobei.com) was founded in 2011, formerly known as mia maternal and infant supplies, fashion is a maternal and infant brands imported goods limited-time discount sale website, every day in the website to recommend popular brand of imported from mother to child, far below the market price, discounts, sold in limited within 72 hours. The company has announced a $20 million B round of investment, the bud honey baby won a very serious fund, high mountains, huaxing B round of investment.

2. rebates net $20 million B round

rebate network (http://www.51fanli.com) was founded in 2006, is an online shopping integral industry guide rebate “third party” platform, at present is mainly for brand and offline retail channel makes the accuracy of the integration of online and offline promotion platform. The company has received $20 million B round of investment, (SIG) led by susquehanna Asian venture capital fund. After rebate net gain qiming, invested tens of millions of dollars from Disney’s thought, A round of investment.


, hangzhou bubbling technology obtain 20 million yuan B round

hangzhou filled with science and technology (http://www.800571.com) was founded in 2013, is committed to the application of intelligent equipment research and development and service, and to provide mobile phone retail chain TenERP (mobile phone retail chain sales management ERP system), TenCRM (mobile phone retail chain customer resource management system), fast entertainment routing (based on wireless network and mobile Internet fusion to form intelligent routing) and other products and services. The company has won $20 million B round of investment, but did not disclose the specific investment institutions. Breakfast had peace in April 2013, the innovation of science and technology investment fund, A round of investment.

4, move the back-end cloud service providers “cloud,” obtain 5 million yuan angel investment

cloud (http://yunba.io) was founded in 2014, is a real-time news distribution service for mobile application developers of the back-end cloud service technology company, provide mobile phone message push, real-time statistics, real-time online services. The company has revealed obtain 5 million yuan angel investment, by the shenzhen investment return to the information technology co., LTD.

5 and fast bag net $8 million B round of investment from the

fast bag (http://www.kuaishubao.com) was established in 2010, the first main one hour distribution of books and periodicals, then increase the snacks, wine, daily necessities, such as the category. The company announced today to get $8 million B round of investment, investment by changzhou liuzhou talents investment company, in 2012 after fast bag for sina weibo, A round of investment fund 9 million yuan.

the foreign company

1. India e-commerce sites it earned $210 million F round

it (http://www.flipkart.com/) was founded in 2007, is a company from India e-commerce sites, known as “amazon” in India. The company has received $210 million F round of investment, by DST Global collar, Iconiq Capital, Naspers, Tiger Global Management, etc. And, so that the company financing more than $750 million, with the total investment.

2. mattress electricity service Casper would get $1.6 million in angel investment

and Casper (https://caspersleep.com) was founded in 2014, is a mattress electricity service, hope to Internet thinking change mattresses from production to sales, as much as possible to break the intermediate links, provide consumers with more quality services and products of mattress. The company has received $1.6 million angels by Lerer Ventures led.

3. uav services Skycatch received A $13.2 million round of investment

Skycatch (http://skycatch.com) was founded in 2013, is a technology and service providers, by making uavs, providing customers with data acquisition, etc. The company has received A $13.2 million round of investment, the Avalon Venture, Google Ventures, ff joint investment such as Venture Capital.

4, take-out delivery service DoorDash received A $17 million round of investment

DoorDash (https://www.doordash.com/) was founded in 2013, is a take-away delivery service providers from the United States, to provide users with take-out reservation, quick home delivery service, is one of the Y Combinator incubation project. The hook company has received A $17 million round of investment, by Pejman Mar Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, A joint venture.

5 and Korean social applications Kakao merger with South Korea’s second-largest Daum portal

Kakao (http://www.kakao.com/) was founded in 2010, is a south Korean mobile social and chat applications, now has 140 million registered users worldwide, has accumulated a $92.1 million investment. The company has announced to in South Korea’s second-largest Daum portal for equity merger, but did not disclose the amount.

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