Weekly investment and financing, routing, hot mama not afraid

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you glance Internet investment circles.

the domestic company

1. very routing for tens of millions of dollars A + round investment mediatek, kleiner perkins caufield & byers China

A routing (http://www.hiwifi.com) was founded in 2012, is A smart router company, the company announced today to get $10 m A + round of investment, joint investment by mediatek, kleiner perkins caufield & byers China. After A routing won tens of millions of dollars, A round of investment by the GGV GGV capital joint investment, innovation works.

2. hot mama help get $20 million B round investment JingLin led

hot mama help (http://www.lmbang.com) was founded in 2012, is a female mobile community, also has hot mama small life, love the baby 365, etc. At present more than 20 million users, 2.6 million active users. The company today announced a $20 million B round of investment, led by JingLin capital, morningside venture, wei, matrix partners, perilous peak huaxing cast out with. After hot mom help won a perilous peak huaxing, Mr. Dai joint millions angel investment; Partners China led, high mountains huaxing, morningside venture with millions of dollars to A round of investment.

3. ImbaTV sequoia capital, innovation works, A round of investment from the

ImbaTV (http://bbs.imbatv.cn) was founded in 2014, is A new game live service platform, to create original content for the center with DOTA2 game supply platform, the company has obtained sequoia capital, innovation works to participate in A round of investment, etc.

4, nice brand filter announced $20 million B round

Nice (http://oneniceapp.com/) was founded in 2013, is a filter with the brand as the core function of the young social software. The company has announced a $20 million B round of investment, Capital brought by H, VY Capital, warp/weft, morningside venture Capital and China.

, TongXin city cornerstone hc360 $20 million investment from the

branch TongXin city (http://www.cogobuy.com) was founded in 2012, is a proprietary power IC components, main electric business platform, electronic manufacturing supply chain group is charged with electricity business operating company, is currently the hkex listing application. Hc360 today announced a $20 million (hk $150 million) subscribe TongXin city, account for 3.55% of the outstanding shares.

the foreign company

1. buy nokia geolocation services Nice Systems, Wireless Internet service SAC Wireless

nokia today announced the acquisition of incidents, including the Nice Systems, SAC Wireless, among them the Nice Systems (http://nice.com) was founded in 1986, is a location-based services, to provide technical support for the mobile terminal product layout and optimization; SAC Wireless (http://www.saiwireless.com/) was founded in 2000, is a Wireless network deployment service providers.

2. TeleSign mobile security technology company won a $49 million investment

TeleSign (http://www.telesign.com/) was founded in 2005, is a mobile security technology service providers from the United States, the main product identification and validation, etc. The company has received a new round of investment, $49 million by Telstra Ventures (Telstra) led.

3. online clothing retailer, Bonobos received $55 million D wheel investment

Bonobos (http://www.bonobos.com/) was founded in 2007, is a company from the United States online clothing retailer, then opened 10 stores, main O2O shopping service. Round of investment, the company has received $55 million D by Coppel Capital led, Mousse Partners, Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, with investment, etc.

4, DIY craft service MakersKit won $1.5 million in angel investment

MakersKit (http://makerskit.com/) was founded in 2013, is a flagship DIY craft service company, to provide users with DIY products, tutorials, and online video services. The company has received $1.5 million angel investment, by the Tribeca Venture Partners, led, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (Bertelsmann), Greycroft Partners to vote.

5 and app for Hinge received $4.5 million B round

Hinge (http://hinge.co/) was founded in 2013, is a mobile application to make friends, let you can Facebbook dating friends of the relationship between strangers. Every day at noon will you receive a set of photos of the opposite sex, then select whether you are interested in, the system will match for each other. The company has received $4.5 million B round of investment, the raised Fund, Lowercase Capital led, the company Capital, Middleland Capital, Great Oaks with investment such as Venture Capital. Data reference IT orange

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