Weibo, 360, UC qi, tencent a force against baidu

hunting cloud network on July 12

July 10, weibo, 360, three industry bosses of UC selectmen joint made a “media platform conference”, so three bosses together to battle push a product in the industry. After 360 the product layout and specific view, we found that the 360 have long home since the media platform, while the generous weibo send traffic for the competition, is a bit confusing.

this cooperation, 360 in its navigation page provides the entrance for weibo from media, weibo articles from the media will also navigate by the 360 pages of each channel, recommended to the user, and priority in the 360 search results show. UC browser is started from the media channels in information center, weibo from media articles can be large push to the UC browser through information center, and what the search. The three parties will also to build user label, more accurate for the user personalized recommendation from media articles and the authors.

UC and 360 just make up the weibo flow entrance weak problem, three joint promotion weibo since the determination of media platforms.

new generation since the media need more ecological resources, make the three together

there is no denying the fact that the present people’s passion for all kinds of new media, the media has been cut greatly, with the beginning state of weibo, circle of friends, all kinds of brush is in heaven and earth, no strong relationship between product like weibo, sometimes even a week or two login only once a month. WeChat because of strong relationship is a bit better, but the user is becoming more and more as a single chat tools to use him, the nature of the media did not think of a good.

so everyone started to worry about how to improve user activity? WeChat in order to take care of their own social attribute, is take the high-quality goods route, of course, this also from another Angle shows that WeChat user number to the public, the information source is very picky. Weibo is increased recommend high quality classification of weibo, interests, and tireless editors rely on the background of one hot topic, attract users turn back a review of the praise.

by far the best WeChat momentum, rely on the strong stickiness and realized within social value-added model of deep for a long time, steady stability is made a lot of layout, to strive for more trial and error.

and weibo? Obviously, was very far, although the advantages of media properties, their status will not be replaced by micro letter, but stickiness problem made itself there’s not much chance of trial and error, can do the layout of the rare, so weibo the refuge of the early ali, now began to work with 360, UC will flow.

weibo now through cooperation with ali got the advertising platform, make up the disadvantage in the electricity, through the cooperation with 360, UC up a gap on their own traffic entrance, that they can compete with tencent, baidu. Given after 360, UC, and the relationship between the two, as well as its platform, the defects of making complementary three together.

take money to hit is the media of the new ecological? Expect a better product

the baidu baidu union advertising media platform by myself for the platform, the author of cent, but in fact most of the authors is not liking alliance advertising can earn some pocket money, but baidu guide flow for itself, so when the flow rate is high, can cooperation with the manufacturers to make promotion to make money. Or who will check in a pile of platform to buy underwear aphrodisiac?

tencent in addition to a micro letter, there is also a “people” from the media platform, making the same mistakes or the age of blogs: spend money poaching. Tencent, of course, to use its own perfect comprehensive product layout, strong flow can be depth for each since the media packaging, promotion, “squeeze”, equivalent to an agent platform.

and WeChat walk closely with social cohesion of the public service platform of the service, the use of their advantages of high user viscosity, comprehensive and high quality products, creating a more imaginative platform. But in media marketing, on the properties of this “imagination” really think a little. You imagine it is very valuable, deposit has been like antiques, but fear can’t get the money, this is WeChat public issue of the status quo. Will tempt you.

weibo has now also to follow suit, though missed many class than baidu, tencent, standing only a media attribute of the strong advantage, but fortunately, commercial and other bosses in the battlefield, then work together to send you money bai!

but send money come from? Would like the wool is on sheep’s body, such ecological users how to happy again, but not funny, about the money that you can give a person ten dollars, on the ecological problems suddenly dropped to a dollar. Law again after intervention, the higher you stand, the bigger the fire had, the easier it is humiliating, heavier.

still do technology products, attentively attentively! Good products, good technology is the user need, forever if only play resources, capital advantage, just out of some speculative products, users can use their vote, the market will in their own regular screening.