Weibo announced it would open payment application with multiple since the media support programs

on May 6, hunting cloud network news

weibo announced it would open payment application and start the business partners to recruit, and introduces in detail the media growth plans. Through the above measures, weibo hopes to further optimize ecological platform, for third-party partners to bring more development space.

weibo business tool head, lee ink Lin said weibo payment application will open function, detail bo to pay for more merchants, to create a social business closed loop. On the basis of the previous test, weibo payment in the first place to have a business license enterprises certification account opening application form, the future will be open to the identities of individual account, the goal is to make weibo personal and business accounts are gathering and the ability to trade.

it is known that weibo and paying treasure to realize strategic cooperation, at the beginning of the microblog business social establishment of payment platform plays an important role. In the recent period of time, weibo to pay for each type of business. As each type of partner in detail bo to pay, can not only look at the news on weibo, you can also buy a ticket, order, payment, etc., weibo will embrace more life scenes. And for enterprise businesses, weibo can also directly sell goods, fans can be converted to target buyers directly.

in weibo media properties exert, weibo has released several support programs to promote the development of weibo from media.

, according to data provided by the weibo microblogging clustered industry “experts” users, healthcare alone has more than 17000 users, science and technology of the Internet since the media account is up to 81000, the average number of years of reading accounts reached 9.13 million, 10.7% of the top user several hundred million years of reading. On the product mechanism, weibo for long publishing and reading is optimized. Since the media can be achieved by the author of an article form long weibo released directly, the future can also be inserted into the video, audio, audio, photos, etc. In addition, since the media platforms, such as authors can blog, zhihu content in the form of long weibo synchronization to the weibo, without having to switch back and forth between multiple platforms. Improvements on product function, make online reading, the author published become more convenient, improve the efficiency of the spread of content and reading.

in addition, weibo also further improve the mechanism for the media recommendations. At present, the media users apply for certification can choose one or two industry classification, weibo will review its content daily, confirm the classification of its application are consistent with the release of the content. After the “label”, weibo will through the page to recommend good since the media accounts.

and in the field of the universal concern of all media commercialization, weibo provides advertising into, subject cooperation and goods sold three forms. In order to reduce the disturbance to the user, advertising does not appear in the user’s information, but in weibo between text and interaction zone. In terms of advertising, the media, the author has autonomy, can choose to focus on areas not only, also can refuse is unwilling to accept advertising.

according to introducing, the media users apply for certification, and fans of the contents of autonomous management system will be launched in the end of may, weibo from media plan will also enter the stage of full implementation.


weibo, deputy general manager said that weibo has to serve the weibo third-party developers (enterprise) launched “service”, the main fan service platform, light application framework, business data, advertising API, weibo pay five kinds of services, to help developers in hosting operations, application development, advertising and marketing, data analysis, four areas of development, to meet customer about fans, micro station maintenance management, marketing demand data optimization, public opinion monitoring, etc. LuYi said, as the highest level of domestic open platform for the socialization, weibo will continue for developers to build open and transparent development environment, attract good developers based on customer demand for development, build perfect weibo open ecology.