Weibo from media and a half months income 7000, ordinary users and look at

weibo launched nearly a month since the media plan, what results have been achieved? Since last weekend, more than the media people on weibo drying out my income. Look from the current data, the authors half a month since the media most of the income is in 3000 yuan to 7000 yuan between, many authors are satisfied with income in weibo.

this morning, well-known electrical business since the media Gong Wenxiang tweeting, according to oneself in mid-june to join weibo since the media plan, half a month has reached 6000 yuan, it is supposed that the July revenue in 12000 yuan. In Gong Wenxiang point of view, “really can write weibo salary to feed on their own”.

the author @ the bear and @ mountains of universal media also released on weibo income. The @ yue people Half a month of income is 5330 yuan, he calls himself in weibo is in “show off in an ostentatious manner” write weibo to earn money, is expected to a monthly income of ten thousand yuan of above. @ the bear of universal said revenue exceeded his expectations, and in answering netizen said: “how much money is not sent. Meaning is a stable income.”

the author has certain influence in the field of vertical from media, also benefit a lot from weibo since the media plan. @ dietitian gu in less than a month of income of more than 15000, he regrets in weibo “share management microblog experience: two years ago, I with sincerity, specialization, don’t cheat, a lot of people think spend so much effort to make the public’s worth when, as a result, weibo now really to send money”. Popular beauty writer Yang Bing Yang tweeting said revenue to surprise, and holding raffle thanks to fans support of reading. Tax experts Ma Jinghao (@ Ma Jing said accounting) decision since the media income of 5000 yuan will be used for public welfare undertakings, to the central university of finance and economics “financial aid” hand in hand, on the high praise.

on June 12, weibo launched since the media plan, the plan for weibo have certain original ability and the influence of the authenticated user, specific criteria for monthly reading number above 3 million, and the ability to provide quality content links has been proved that more than 5 million fans of the “V” cannot apply for a temporary. It is understood that the current join weibo from the author of the media plan has nearly 500 people. Otherwise, this Zhou Weibo will also work with 360, UC release the latest strategies for the media, in the previous global mobile Internet conference, the three companies has announced.

finally, microblog everyone to look at things, there are some interesting points to take out:

Sophia pang: weibo since the media plan, calculate according to the reading quantity is paid, the lack of a content quality evaluation mechanism, or in the future can be introduced into quality and credibility evaluation mechanism, the advertisement for advertisers is especially helpful. A great amount of fans, but all day since the media sensationalism, should not advertisers quality to choose. Weibo best of all, the media is smashed the traditional media system of manuscripts, independent writing more insights.

others expressed concern that billion state electricity business community, weibo since the media plan to make money will become like baidu hundred, officials pushed you, you only have flow do people see articles, you only have income! 99% of the media is a foil. Hold up the weibo prick silk, prick silk are also fleeing.