Weibo in the first quarter earnings reading: 30% contribution to the mobile terminal advertising revenue

22, weibo announced after the listing of the first financial report. In the conference call that followed, weibo gao-fei wang, sina CEO Charles chao, chief executive of executives to interpret results, such as hot issues and answer the questions from analysts.

net revenue on a par with a net loss of growth

in the first quarter, according to the results this quarter weibo net revenue of $6750, up 161% from a year earlier. Attribution of weibo net loss of $47.4 million, and in the same period last year net loss of $19.2 million.

net revenue on a par with a net loss of growth that is “volatile” in the near future weibo shares embarrassed again. Results after the release of the first day, weibo shares tumbled 10.86%, to $18.05.

there are analysts said the main losses from investors options associated with alibaba investment weibo liabilities, fair value adjustment brought in 40.2 million dollars in losses. In addition, the weibo aspects and so on to improve product quality cost has become part of the reason for the loss.

chao said that weibo in the future will continue to be in improving the quality of the products and the increasing number of users and user activity and increase cost of marketing, the next few quarters this year will continue to maintain growth levels.

30% contribution to the mobile terminal advertising revenue

this quarter, weibo advertising and marketing on revenue of $51.9 million, up 176% from a year earlier, continue to maintain good performance since the fourth quarter of last year. Among them, to the mobile advertising revenue accounted for 31%, and 28% in the last quarter.

with the passage of time, the mobile advertising data, users will be more and more. “In terms of advertising, the push on mobile advertising flow will be one of the focus of the future”, Mr Chao said the mobile terminal will be the future development of weibo.

chao said, at present, advertising revenue earned from alibaba also mainly concentrated in the PC, deduct from alibaba advertising revenue, weibo mobile side income contribution rate has reached 50%, “accounting for ali, after spending years next year from mobile terminal weibo advertising revenue will be more than PC weibo advertising revenue.”

weibo executive chief financial officer, said zhang Yi, future quarters will continue to increase the available on mobile AD inventory. This estimate, weibo in the future to the mobile advertising revenue contribution rate will rise further.

“, although with alibaba backing, weibo in the challenge for the capital market is still large.” The personage inside course of study says, weibo main revenue main there is a great innovation of advertising space, the future still need to use big data accurately targeted marketing. In addition, compared with Twitter70 % of traffic from mobile terminal, sina weibo mobile business remains to be further improvement.

in addition, chao also revealed that the march total weibo for between 30 to 3.1 billion, and December this data for 2.8 billion. From daily active users (DAU) data, move the proportion is about 70%.

lower-tier cities new users 70% from mobile end

weibo is stepping up to the second – and third-tier cities to attract users. Sina weibo gao-fei wang, chief executive, said weibo in the promotion process of lower-tier cities, 70% of the users from the mobile terminal.

gao-fei wang pointed out that the second – and third-tier cities of users for the use of weibo more focus on access to information, to satisfy the needs of its entertainment and information communication, with the first-tier cities are different.

in the user’s activity and customer retention rate, second – and third-tier cities rapid growth over the past year. At present, users active rate of individual second-tier cities have more than one tier cities, but third-tier cities still exists a certain gap.