Weibo kan to gossip In WeChat kowtowing

cloud network hunting on June 9,

people imagined weibo WeChat shopping, so far haven’t appeared. Later, as we all know, WeChat with weibo have substaintial distinction, two brown talks a fight, you spell a life-and-death.

a ridicule poverty, to watch the news as entertainment’s new media; A play is to eat and drink pull scatter, the life into the network social tools. Always play poking the points have to be careful, can’t eat and drink pull scatter pocket inside, lest be human flesh, so have the WeChat space. Play and eat and drink pull scatter also often with smiling face, not the whole the ridicule, or soured with which friend can be a bad thing.

weibo: speaking to, want to go you go!

the greatest characteristic of weibo is freedom. In weibo, most users under new social relation chain, there are, of course, there are users join acquaintances relationship chain, but basically can mutual when users are the fans of the same interests. Also some people is to draw, of course, pay attention to the marketing account.

under the new social relations of dominated by the interest, relying on sina’s strong media resources, together with a group of people choose what they interested in, then work out more essence will guide the whole construction machinery with content, finally to the wisdom of the group in the process of discussion for exponential spread effect. And preserved in the form of time flow for memories, after waiting for the steak grave.

this is weibo on the content of the dominated by interest to dig deeper into the advantage of, and if in acquaintances relationship chain, a group of friends and relatives chasing the ask you just send the second yuan jokes is what mean? Why is this mean? What is this meaning? Believe that you will immediately Delaware, vomiting blood fall on the ground…

because it is a strange relationship chain, so microblog can more space, follow one’s inclinations, published his point, don’t care about your own gentle good virtuous lovely considerate but person image. Want to scold scold, want to be a bitch when bitch, think enchanting enchanting, want to do some will do base, and then draws a variety of “sickos” comments, don’t worry about call relatives and friends concerned about the mental state, also need not worry about the enemy behind the rumors.

even if again, there is no review, feel bad mood, it’s embodiment of justice and evil, pretend you have drawn, ran to the big V weibo comments below two sentences, burning two wars, the gas was horribly, others have nothing to say, boring time also sent, no longer lonely lonely cold our life!!!!!!!

weibo in plain English is a novel network game, immediately following the social reality of no game target, according to their own ideas “equip” “upgrade” “the ability to acquire new” , then the war around. Haunted by various “demon”, ubiquitous scold war, is a blood boiling, let a person feel carefree to vent.

if one day you play tired, close the page directly, don’t open a week, a month to do your own work, also have no way. Is so casually, is so generous, is so diao!

one day have important news, or work tired, suddenly remind of see mutual when fans and friends have a common interest in want to? And those who lend expertise make their moral propaganda big V thinking? Open weibo is finished.

this is the weibo, this is a matter of weibo capable. Of course because of microblog information openness, microblogging has certain information security hidden danger. But weibo for all users at the beginning is defined as a public figure, what do you think of how much information public figures should be open? You want to open how much information to log in weibo?

WeChat: inquire after every day, don’t want to walk around

the micro letter is what things? The first point is that weibo can do things, basically WeChat can do!

for core products, the micro letter is a personal acquaintance network management tools. He is used to manage the nature of personal circle of acquaintances, to promote the communication between friends, cultivate feelings with.

with this, it’s gone bad! Although look weibo WeChat many functions are similar.

because are familiar with each other, the relationship between the first point: you have to pay attention to your image! Can’t have anything. Weibo any nonsense things hi spray on it need to be careful, unless you can stand secular pressure, so naked let nature come out…

basically, but after a short period of time of madness, the nature of those who show little naive, will discourage because friends and relatives, disdain, pointing, ears, all gay love immediately stalls, and circle of friends in limbo, or, to put a spare account…

rumors fierce in tiger also!

micro letter is used to understand the recent trend of relatives and friends, in order to accurately determine human surroundings, sense motive, go with the flow, the final harvest a good interpersonal relationship. I also! But behind each individual heart what think, oneself should be in the mind have a spectrum.

men show their ambition, women show their virtuous, circle of friends is to let others envy, let others love, let others pursue. This is a place where all kinds of life Oscar best actor from hi, you don’t have this ability as early as possible closed circle of friends, or a day again circle of friends, and bowed down to under someone else’s ying…


B comment “you how so many exclamation. What kind of work are you doing now? Don’t just do the sales, development is not good.”

A reply B “you this man how so vulgar? A little emotional appeal all don’t understand? You don’t mind decorated with superb taste.”

and then divided into several send B with A friend, around the ears.

of course, this is the most disharmonious scene, after experienced all sorts of rumors, circle of friends is only: bow down again and again under the others now. But what the hell is going on behind their heart think, oneself should be in the mind have a spectrum.

in people sincerely with “no turn not Chinese” “this is for your own good” “XXX said: people want to… “And so on, people become good and moral, the earth a harmony of the world, WeChat successfully took the important task of TV…

comrades, let chicken soup come more fiercely!

weibo is used to see life, WeChat is used to follow the crowd, a revealing the nature of a mask out of the kind. Who good who bad? In the end both tools.