Weibo, please continue to “rise”, stop to continue “fat”

some people say that weibo is becoming more and more heavy. In fact, the “heavier” is not necessarily a bad thing. Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, all from a single business model, is becoming more and more diverse, more and more “heavy”. Just, heavier way has two kinds: one is horizontal development – weight gain; One is longitudinal development — increased. And according to the mass aesthetic, people (users) tend to like tall and straight posture, fluttering and disgust and heavily. Recently, weibo announced march hand tour, launch weibo comments on two new functions, just proves that weibo in the two directions of “weight”.

“tour” hand: if just for the sake of quick cash, can also play

weibo conference is very interesting. On the one hand, it emphasizes that weibo entry into the mobile game, on the other hand, weibo announced to build social game ecological system. Cloud network editor you think hand swim and hunting have overlapping part of the concept of social games, but it cannot be confused. The concept of “swim” fundamentally, attach some trend of suspicion. According to weibo listed after the release of its first reported, weibo value-added services revenue of $15.7 million, up 120% from a year earlier. Although the weibo game played an important role, but weibo revenue mainly comes from the PC game, rather than the mobile terminal. Weibo into already overcrowded mobile game industry, the most core advantage seems to have its attributes of social sharing. In this regard, weibo want is to make social gaming across multiple platforms.

weibo actually did not clarify our and WeChat mobile social applications such as fundamental difference. User login weibo, its fundamental purpose is to find valuable information. This value can be entertainment gossip, can be cognitive new things. And the user use micro letter, its basic requirement is the connection between the contact feelings, keep acquaintances. WeChat add social game, can meet the needs of the bonding. This is the “higher” on the core business, because of the properties of the conjunction with itself, and mutually reinforcing effect. While weibo added social games, some of the gild the lily. It’s hard to imagine that based on weak relationship chain, is originally wanted to find out valuable information of users, enjoyed by simple game was to use weibo.

apparently, weibo makes social games, its fundamental purpose is to increase the stickiness, allows the user to stay longer on the microblogging platform. Weibo, in other words, to make social gaming platform, let oneself put on weight. Just, it chose is inconsistent with its own attributes of “add fertilizer”.

like Twitter, weibo post-marketing faces huge pressure to profit. Create a diversified business model. But if social games really beneficial for profitable growth in social media, then as a teacher how Twitter has not into social games? In the process of continue to “add fertilizer”, sina weibo “heavy” disgusting. While away from Twitter, sina weibo seems to be moving in the Facebook platform of “dream”. Embarrassingly, Facebook platform model is correct. Once pot-bellied engaging Facebook now has platform strategy, into centered on Facebook, sets, the Paper high quality shoulder some of the important social role model.

summed up in one word, weibo into mobile game released seems to be a “satellite”. Cross-platform social games should be weibo the focus of power. But the media attribute of the microblogging and social games paradox. Although cloud network editor king hunting on weibo into mobile game, but if only to short-term cash, also can play a ticket. After all, a small core strategy or “Feed stream” business, such as social game is at best an affiliate value-added business.

“weibo comments:” no accident, should be a new profit growth point

simply said, “comments on” the integration of public comments on the universality and the professionalism of the douban. Users by extraction, processing quality review information, to provide users with similar to the review site service.

“weibo comments on” and “weibo itself” find valuable information “attribute. Is also becoming heavier, but take the way of “higher”. Say weibo comments will become a new profit growth point, sina weibo from weibo comments on has its own unique advantages.

, twitter users comment on information is sufficient, it is congenital advantage;

weibo’s comments on the scope of information covered more balanced. With 600 million users, weibo every day produce information, how many are with the user evaluation of something. Its range is very wide. But because of this, a prominent problem is that these information are relatively dispersed;

weibo strategy is this: the algorithm is combined with artificial way of sorting, purification of comment. On the one hand, to those who come from a professional in the field of comments in a more prominent position, so the user can in the shortest possible time to obtain the most valuable comments on information. Weibo comments, on the other hand, set up the “comments”, hundreds of people in the field of targeted for the user to provide a review information.

in addition to, and own properties, weibo comments on one of the biggest value lies in solving the current bottleneck problem – review information authenticity of the comment on sites becomes more and more questioned by the user, the comment on the quality of the worse and worse. Weibo media properties, make its comments on the objectivity and professional secured to a certain extent. Of course, the objective of information, in the final analysis depends on whether a social media can keep for a long time the style of “customer’s interests above all else”.

it is important to note that microblog comments on the timing of the launch is very subtle. Alibaba first invested in sina weibo, tencent investment after the public comments, then ali weibo cooperation through “sina – pay treasure” weibo shopping payment system. Comments as “upstream” of electricity, its effect is self-evident. In this regard, weibo comments on both for weibo for their job, but also for “andie” welfare. Reviews can cooperate with offline businesses, O2O business based on LBS. , of course, also can be directly to taobao electric business platform, such as import user traffic conversion rate is higher. In any case, weibo can enjoy “diversion” bonuses.

in the end, hunting cloud network sincerely wish weibo can grow up to be “Grosvenor LTD shuai”, rather than…