Weibo release weibo TV index, precision promotion has finally begun

this afternoon by CSM media research co., LTD. (CSM) and weibo (sina) weibo TV index of Beta is launched, is said to be the domestic first to assess based on the social media television influence big data analysis system.

“index” weibo TV? Should be a lot of people see the word stupid, only feel that is a pretty tall, specific is stem what of, is all begin to explain don’t understand.

about this product, sina introduction: the index with reference to international standards, the discussion on the TV show on weibo and user standardized statistical analysis, such as size, for the spread of TV programs on weibo marketing and evaluation to provide more efficient, systematic and standardized data support, to make TV programs on weibo “official” indicators of word of mouth influence and user coverage and data; At the same time, the index will make the program marketing practitioners and researchers in the sampling survey of television ratings index, for social media television influence on the whole quantity analysis data, make programs more effectively assess, improve investment returns and communication effect.

said popular point is according to the corresponding TV program, to extract the effective keywords, and then the corresponding data analysis on weibo, obtain user behavior and accurate point of interest, then according to the user’s behavior data to corresponding weibo promotion exposure. The final user and no advertising marketing promotion effect of perception.

if you really can achieve the ideal effect, the weibo this achievement in commercial road, finally let her huge user group showed a value.

but we should also see the current weibo launch is just a “TV” index, the cooperation level is currently limited to TV producers, product is also joint third party launched , very limited . On other aspects such as company, group, individual marketing demand has not yet been launched the corresponding solutions. Want to have a long way to go.

CSM media research co., LTD., deputy general manager (CSM) XiaoJianBing also said, “TV” index as CSM and weibo whole cooperation, the first stage of the product is TV weibo data standardization of initial presentation. With the improving of the products and improvement of the uniqueness of TV weibo data will implement the application tool, fusion and unification, to TV media, operators and other institutions on the overall design and operation in the adoption and application of positive data into.

when is the next step to go out? The microblogging marketing, eagerly looking forward to it, maybe weibo marketing system matures, can let everybody can free hair or two straight white advertising.