Well-knit god! MOTOROLA Moto G2 soon

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after the launch of the Moto G phones, MOTOROLA is incorporated into after Google launched the first mobile phone. Products after the release of the market response is good, is one of the best performance under $200 Android smartphones. MOTOROLA is expected to continue to roll out, according to relevant Moto G2, follow up Moto G segments, more rumours that G2 price to $179 more than the Moto G populist.

and MOTOROLA CEO Dennis Woods of one word – “why can’t the equipment sold for $50?” Is frequently cited to support this prediction. Comprehensive news, G2 price is likely to be at $100, up and down time to market is expected in late 2014 and early 2015’s holiday shopping season.

from the perspective of the photos and the data of the current exposure, G2 will remain 1280 x720 screen resolution, 320 dpi resolution, but has not yet been set screen size. Although in the quick screen mobile phone under the trend of G2 + QHD resolution not so grab an eye, but considering the price of its “accessible”, such a configuration is the selection of the high cost performance.

although G2 on the screen is not particularly good, but still have the good internal configuration upgrade. G2 is expected to match the ARM V7 (VFPv4 NEON) quad-core processors, 305 Adreno GPU, and support double card double stay. And cinematography, G2 will configure 8 million pixels rear camera. At present, about the amount of memory, battery capacity data such as there is no more news.

about the appearance of the G2 design and now only below a spy. Estimate the shape of the G2 will be more delicate and smooth, in line with the current mainstream aesthetic.