Whale came home stay in Taiwan to book and give you different tourism experience

whale came home stay in Taiwan to book and give you a different travel experience.

to Taiwan, the free line. Process that is roughly such: formalities, booking tickets, accommodation, free line, return.

the biggest pain points on the airfare and hotel. If this is your first, and don’t want to go with group, to sway is a good choice.

whale wag of home stay hotel located in Taiwan and other non-standard accommodation online booking. Free line and auxiliary Taiwan tour of personalized customization, involved in the procedure, the secretary in the tourism and other related services.

summary, for example, is this your first time to go to Taiwan, for example, is planning the site, but the specific accommodation, travel arrangements do not carefully, you will be able to wag. He will help you to make a round trip ticket, accommodation, business licenses, schedule planning, transportation, such as more intimate demand plan, as long as you bring good mood set out. And let us know, the custom services are free of charge.

but on the whole, the only a wag of the core business, is Taiwan’s home stay hotel reservation. Custom services this is mainly used to do itinerary planning for the user. At the same time also to sway the spread by word of mouth.

here to explain the home stay facility in Taiwan. A home stay facility, it is one of the features of Taiwanese. He is different from the ground not only in the age of organic, it is also different from standardization service star hotel, and more Taiwan home stay facility to theme, design, delicate give priority to, there are a lot of home stay facility investment tens of millions of yuan, some similar and mainland boutique hotel.

and, in the non-standard accommodation unit price is high, the home stay facility operator is usually more human, help accommodation people solve problems surrounding the guidance, and often a home stay facility in under the boss of a home stay facility, take seafood back myself to do barbecue party. Have so a word said: not to live the home stay facility, would not have been to Taiwan! It serves to show its status.

whale wag emphasises the home stay facility in Taiwan hotel booking at present, the project is launched by China, Taiwan cross-strait expert team.

whale wag is still on the stage of trial operation, at present there are teams in Taiwan and mainland, the mainland side is responsible for the user and market, Taiwan’s team is responsible for merchants to screening and docking. Business model mainly commission model, and the future of the platform derivative services will also generate profits for them.

wag of the same direction and whale products currently have comfortable travel and the big fish. Acknowledgment, they also have different, the big fish to travel, comfortable guest at present is given priority to with information, booking not in real time. Whale wag of the flagship online real-time booking, merchants docking system, give priority to with technology and operation. The team is also in the start angel round. Interested can look at.

: Shanghai whale wag of the network technology co., LTD.

url: http://www.jingbaibai.com

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in February 2014,

location: Shanghai putuo district

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: tourism, the home stay facility reservation,

description: whale wag of main Taiwan home stay facility, motels, boutique hotel and other non-standard accommodation online real-time booking services, and assist Taiwan free line of personalization, involved into the procedure, the secretary in the tourism and other related services.

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