What also didn’t succeed, you already is in the way of the failure

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

UC 10 anniversary of alibaba and UC what jointly launched a search, pointing to the dominant baidu. In ucweb CEO’s opinion, as early as four years ago has begun to gather strength UC now occupy, geographical and human conditions. But ucweb CEO about UC why do three reasons, I can’t agree with. Without him, because this is just a pr if the scene, but maybe we can dig out the real reason from ucweb CEO words.

a weakening, brand regression of

UC 6 personal expansion to today’s more than 2500 person “, already become one of the poles on the market can not be ignored. UC success from the beginning of the symbian popularization, in the mobile browser market UC to the best of the advantage that android and iOS system after launch, a large number of users because habits and continue to use the UC browser. But the era of symbian is far away from US, UC had accumulated reputation and have been gradually fade as time flies. Now 90 , 00 to UC brand awareness is low, the user presents obvious dating trend. Questions about who is mobile browser market share first I don’t want to argue, but we can sure, UC browser market is gradually been QQ browser and mobile baidu gradually eroded, market share is gradually decline.

2, the pain of traffic growth

“we search business has been able to out of the UC browser, open up their own traffic growth path.” The deep meaning of this sentence is not actually UC has been out of, but urgent need. Before UC through the site navigation for small and medium-sized master of diversion, small and medium-sized webmaster to UC feedback users, making the UC browser users grew, more and more traffic. It is also now a lot of open platform are learning methods, or in quantity. But UC site navigation position is extremely limited, and now has become UC browser important source of income, which determines the position only for large customers, and these big client is unable to UC browser bring in new customers. Mobile browser market increasingly fierce competition, want to rely on the natural growth, UC the pressure is very big. So UC have to rekindle small webmaster, and diversion effect has been baidu search engine, powerful in PC confirmed.

3, revenue, profits of trapped

UC overseas users are mainly developed countries such as India region, consumption ability is very low. So even now UC user has close to two hundred million, half of the total number of users, the UC company’s overall revenue contribution rate is fairly low. UC nine games business tour can be vertical search in the field of games, nine community swim in UC the great support of the distribution channel’s top five, become the domestic game UC now the business income growth is largely dependent on the game, so we see ucweb CEO article emphasized the game start distributing of UC . But we need to acknowledge that even though this part of income is growing rapidly, UC overall income growth has slowed, the pressure is becoming more and more big. Or will not last year came to be baidu acquisition rumors, eventually accept alibaba’s investment. What the search main App , novels, and shopping search, are near the money very much, so not so much UC have been ambitious in mobile search, than to exploit this new profit growth point.

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