What is a blockage in networked development? !

The development prospect of

the Internet of things is limitless, it is more and more for the public recognition of the fact. But the question is: when will witness it successful? IDTechEx on a new report says, although analysts forecast by the end of 2020 the market will need millions of developers, to help us to intelligent tool and the future will also realize intelligent tools to implement and content, but there are still a lot of obstacles to remove.

Internet and Internet of things: a bright future

the future era of physical interconnection is attracting more and more attention, it is not unusual. After all in our thought, this time is filled with enough to shock the market a good product, it will also create various through hardware, software and services revenue opportunity.

at the same time, this is the market encourages the strong demand for developers. In other words, we are facing a great drive revenue and employment growth opportunities. Although “often confuse the existing products on the market, some tried to just be refurbished and appear to be old advocacy for new wine” in the history of tall, but thin dead camel always bigger than a horse, the Internet of things still leaves a big opportunity to market.

what is the blockage in the development of the network?

1. Not every corner of the world can use the Internet. although like Google company is committed to Internet by balloon and other low cost way of transmission network, but the Internet around the world vision can take a while to spot.

2. Few potential customer base. although there are billions in the number of sensors are developed for resource development, the production line, power grids, logistics network, the recovery system, family, office, store and transportation, etc., but still has a lot of not for network interconnection, didn’t even realize network connection. Before potential revenue is not clear, the investment needed to achieve these networking can truly realize is unknown.

3. The relative lack of unified standard. although the industry there are more than 400 standard, but too much is not standard! Manufacturers should be united, as they push their products within the sensor set up a standard communication protocol, rather than own proprietary protocols to the creation of a data island. For the above article 2 questions about less potential customer base, the industry should change more works, making data sharing more attractive, but not like stingy chichikov let data by hoarding. Opinionated manufacturers 1, stuck in the past, the Internet of things is not developed a day.

4. Related software needs to be finalised. includes can handle some middleware as what to execute tasks, need not to need on the equipment or network analysis software, system integration, there are a lot of problems such as. If as described in article 3 of the above problems, each sensor in a different format for data collection and conversion, for any given to API hub or integration sites are suitable for all type of sensor data is almost impossible. Although the industry so far has not reach a consensus on how much, but we really need standardized middleware anyway.

5. Security issues. related scholars and emphasizes that the implemented connected smart devices, systems, and other tools are likely to be attacked, or perform tasks have contact high sensitive data. In addition, radio frequency small flood can lead to paralysis. If you can’t realize the early warning, the Internet of things will also become dangerous itself in the face of danger.

6. The power problem. large-scale deployment means nodes may not be able to charge batteries can’t even change, so we may need to be collected energy work, make the system from environmental resources such as solar energy or kinetic energy capture and store energy in the – in the absence of battery power for a large number of low energy part.

developers to bring the Gospel

despite the difficulties, but there is a group of people in a steady stream of power for the development of the Internet of things: developers.

according to the survey Data Evans independent research group, while only 17% of the developers are from things networking application development work, but the Data is bound to achieve explosive growth, especially in the Asia Pacific region. In the past few years, developers proved them in a small tool with record in collisions with big dreams, including Linux system, Hadoop data application platform, Paspberry Pi single board computer, and so on many, many.

so, despite the rough the fact that the bloody things before, but developers fearless potential dangers and difficulties of ball also Bling Bling!

Source: ReadWrite