What is the rhythm! Intel to launch a social networking application

although Intel in transformation over the past two years, but as a main chip giant manufacturing business, you can imagine Intel will launch a social applications? At least, when I saw this news, really shocked.

a few days ago, Intel unveiled a named. The function of this app is very simple, but it is very interesting. Users open the application, use a front-facing camera video tape what you need to send video message, after Pocket Avatars can automatically (of course, the user can also manually choose) a total of a cartoon image for the user to replace the user’s face. In a nutshell, the voice of the user + cartoon image, implementation is similar to “looks like” the present form.

in addition, Pocket Avatars also allows users to add background sound, in order to make the information more interesting.

it is important to note that the application supports multiple information transfer mode, the user can by SMS, E-mail, Twitter and other information.

a little sadly, the current Pocket Avatars support only 40 kinds of open selection. Some of them still need to download fee of $0.99.

although Intel in the market to try, but there are few officially launched products. Intel LABS, a spokesman said in an interview: “we don’t follow the team is an Intel core business innovation department. When we see social applications has grown into a $1 billion business, and there is a large number of users, we know that Intel can actually GanGan trend.”