What makes this kind of mobile phone can sell 64000 yuan?

world famous luxury mobile phone manufacturers Vertu recently launched the latest flagship luxury smartphone Vertu Signature Touch, initial cost up to RMB 60000 yuan. Wired magazine (Wired) took the lead on the phone for review, think this is a real “local tyrants” create high-quality goods.

this is Vertu’s latest luxury smartphones people Touch, starting at $10300 (RMB 64000). Although this phone is really outstanding, but the high prices still nots allow to ignore. Mobile phone accounts for only part of the cost of the hardware configuration, because this phone is build by “high net worth individuals”, also is what we call “local tyrants”.

my test this or low-end version, high-end version cost up to $21900 (RMB 136900), equivalent to a luxury car, a rare watch, or a package. Therefore, it is not in conformity with the logic of ordinary consumers to buy.

in the process of test, almost this phone fell on the floor of the marble. If it fell to the ground, it may also be in good condition. People Touch is equipped with a 4.7 -inch Touch screen, covered with sapphire crystal glass coating, can resist almost any object of scratching. But if it fell to the ground, also may be like common glass smashed. The fuselage, Signature Touch made of titanium metal and small leather.

$10000 where the phone is better than in normal cell phone

Signature Touch Concierge services make it different. For Signature Touch users, Concierge service for the first year are free. But from the second year, $3000 a year. The Concierge Signature Touch like American Express (American Express) the centurion card (commonly known as “black card”), or a foreign passport.

the Concierge operation flow is: through the Concierge application request (legal and reasonable), there will be a real person to help you achieve this. 24 hours is for Signature Touch user equipped with a personal assistant. Fuselage side of a button can directly start the Concierge application, in the process of testing to help my assistant called “Celine” (Celine), her performance is excellent.

when test Signature service, Vertu offered to help me to accept the reservation for members only CORE: Club dinner reservation, to reflect their omnipotent avatar. But I refused, I want to personally try it problems. On a Saturday at 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon, I learned, to order a meal platform OpenTable view after the day and the whole weekend some popular restaurants are all booked up. So I opened the Concierge, request a reservation for dinner at 7 a.m. that day and the next day at noon lunch, I know it’s hard to do it. But the Concierge did, thanks to celine.

of course Concierge also is not everything. When I asked for a “time machine” (time machine), celine said: “I also want to be able to help you meet this requirement!”

first enable Concierge services, users can set up an account, including your credit card number and other information. So through the Concierge booking all kinds of services, such as flight and hotel, etc., can direct payment.

in addition, the Signature Touch also built a called “Life” (Life), can provide all kinds of activities and events related information in the world, such as the F1 race, theatre and concerts, and so on. If interested in these content, also can through the Concierge for bookings. 24/7 Concierge team to provide service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Concierge service is really admirable. Everything done polite, professional, in the process of the entire service, referring to name, with “Mr” two words every time. Once even called me “Extraordinary Mr Vertu” (Mr. Vertu Extraordinary), I even a bit don’t know what that means.

(more is better than that of ordinary mobile place 】

intoxicating smell of leather

Signature Touch is the best phone I’ve used a smell. I test the back cover with small leather materials, can exude an intoxicating smell of leather.

+ feel

Signature Touch feel good. Back ridges of stitching, cool titanium frame, the weight of 6.77 ounces (about twice the iPhone 5 s), can let a person fondle admiringly.

material and process

Signature Touch the material used is very expensive. Durable titanium, prevent scratching sapphire crystal glass screen, etc., is one of the reasons for this phone is expensive. Even the SIM kaka also unequivocally. Each Signature Touch from beginning to end is done by a technician to assemble, I test this by c. Davis’ assembly.

the beautiful ring and speakers

after the boot, you will hear a recorded by the London symphony orchestra a flute music. Every time receive text messages, hears another section from the London symphony orchestra recorded music. The performance of the front speakers, voice loud, clear, far better than the mobile phone.

The communication security

if special care about their privacy, people Touch can protect the safety of the text messages and calls. Its voice, video and text messages encryption optimal Silent Circle companies provide.

【 matched the mainstream smartphone place 】


Signature Touch 1080 p touch-screen, pixel density of 473 ppi. Although slightly higher than the Google Nexus of 5 445 ppi, HTC One M8 441 ppi and samsung Galaxy S5 432 ppi, but it’s hard to see to the naked eye obvious different. And screen size and resolution, there is more suitable for landscape style (horizontal) and watch the video, while portrait (vertical) style appears slender.

the mainstream operating system and the function of

Signature Touch Android 4.4.2 KitKat system, built-in Google voice Now assistant, equipped with 2.3 GHz quad-core qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2 gb RAM, support for NFC and 4 g networks. This configuration allows people Touch as a high-end Android phones.

13000000 megapixel camera

Signature Touch is equipped with a 13000000 megapixel camera, take photos and I used the best smartphone cameras. Is the interface, low light performance is very suitable for mobile phones, cameras Hasselblad (Hasselblad) jointly developed, with the scene mode, exposure compensation Settings and the white balance adjustment, etc. People Touch camera performance is good, but it’s not better than other intelligent mobile phone’s camera is superior.

[less than $200 smartphone place]

short battery life and storage cannot expand

Signature Touch built-in 2275 mAh battery, if like to use other mobile phone use, only for half a day. Moreover, the battery is sealed. If someone ask you why not buy a Signature Touch, you can pretend to say “battery life is too short. In addition, people Touch with 64 gb of storage space, cannot expand.

the back of the SIM card in easy fever

in the process of test, when the battery power consumption of about 50% when people Touch the back of the SIM card from overheating. Though not particularly hot, but also belong to abnormal heat.

there was pressure to use

fear of falling is one of them. When you are in public with a Signature Touch, whether because of concerns about stolen and nervous? If your mobile phone worth more than $10000, the tension can be imagined. If on the subway, may all dare to come out from the dou.

this phone worth it?

expensive prices make people Touch can’t be the first step in everyone’s cell phone. There is no doubt that people Touch Vertu is by far the best mobile phone, especially given the killer application Concierge. For the “XiangShouXing” consumers, if you sure you want to buy a Vertu mobile phone, so people Touch is a choice.

but have to point out that functions like Concierge is very cool, very practical for everyone? Especially for those who already have a personal assistant to the user. People Touch for people who don’t have to worry about the caller on the subway, because they don’t take the subway.

but in the near future, people Touch may be limited by more people’s attention. Due to the popularity, smartphones have become daily, so luxury mobile phone that could become the next selection. After all, mobile phone almost all accompany at user side, it is more prominent than luxury watches and bags.

but unlike cars and expensive watches, mobile phones could only 2 to 3 years of life cycle. Although people Touch configuration is not low, but may be out of date next month. Mobile phone is like this, especially in the purchase of Signature Touch, after the countdown clock is ticking. (tan burn)

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