Wheel to check illegal, by running tool users, do precipitation in the community

what do you want to do a good product, no one will stop you. Too much bad products that good product is not how to stand out from the competition. This sentence is only for the current application tools software on the market of ridicule. Is not about the following products.

in mobile application type, tools and downloads will account for most products. Just one example, such as a flashlight. But tools products should be also true not easy, many developers, in a hurry to join more to countless advertising alliance plug-in, all packed, the user is opened, tool use, flow down cost a lot.

tool product, there are two weaknesses, low threshold and commercialization. As the following Shanghai yi points in time and space to do a series of auto tools products. Good product is too little, so excellent natural product out. It is difficult to find the propaganda of the enterprise manuscript online articles and application promotion. There is a few CEO wu (the original long swim net), general manager of speech.

now spacetime around easily made several tools products, automobile industry, including the wheel to check illegal “wheel driving test” where to buy a car, there are several partial car application of entertainment. At first glance, as if they were all in the field of car to do, but for now, the user feedback on the best product or the wheel to check illegal wheel driving test, the current total number of users reached eighty million, the company has completed A round of funding in the past year.

check wheels currently covered more than 300 cities across the country, in violation of the data directly and traffic management bureau, and have people long-term maintenance updates, support query and query. The wheel driving test is the tool that help users easy driving test applications. Different from traditional mechanical tools products, layout is very clear, exam course is also very full, and a full driver’s license test process, at the same time equipped with video content. In the words of their team is, the user through their APP, out through the theory exam, also been many province driving alliance actively recommend.

although the market performance is good, the commercialization of the product, but for the tool that has been the team have a headache. So taken for granted, they attempt to transition, do mobile car community. At present their new product wheel is their future to advocate, wheel alignment is Chinese owners and owners of mobile life circle, hope the user can quickly solve the problem of car or other related. Future around cars do O2O, community user dating, etc.

based on the orientation, the current easy point of time and space in the preceding two paragraphs products “wheel to check illegal” the wheel driving test are in pour wheels this product users and installations. Has the website editor in the recruitment and editing. Update and responsibility for the content of the community. Despite the current easy point of time and space in the preceding two paragraphs product users, but the wheels would translate into new products users, what proportion will have how old, the doubts have to see the effect for a period of time.

in fact, the most concerned about is the tool to turn the community, the community team. Because the play is not the same as the tools and the concept of community environment. Tool is paid more attention to the product, the community pay more attention to the operation. And also have their own outstanding main character. Traditional car media in mobile Internet began, no characteristic is very difficult to established auto media competition, so the future still depends on the team’s community capacity.

it is important to note that the magnified value of community is slow, need to slowly precipitation, rush out to the atmosphere. But you can be sure, tool type products in the community to explore this road is a good time. Tool product transformation (not necessarily turn to community, can be other direction), reduced is acquired. The transformation is successful have beautiful picture show (the beautiful phone, beauty shoot) and ink (ink air fruit) weather. So, tool products, transition need your move.

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