When rubin “with” Android, it was a full keyboard “baby”

samsung – apple outbreak of “the second world war” is in full swing, we see the lively, because samsung in court behind the backer, Google (Android), with its rival apple, life and death for many little-known but very interesting information. It’s not, not long ago, Google is a file to the court, it shows 2006 – that is, the Android mobile phone officially launched a year ago when.

the document shown in 2006 when Android is based on Linux 2.6 the underlying architecture. It is worth noting that the Android development team explicitly to developers indicate “Android (temporarily) is not support touch mode.” Andy rubin, in other words, the in the mind of the Android devices expectations, may is similar to blackberry now, think that physical keyboard in the era of intelligent system is also essential.

of course, the Android team are also called the “Android software running project requirements” in particular, now does not support the touch screen, does not mean that the future will not support.

the message from engadget, according to the exposure of the Android software functional requirements of the above documents also revealed many of the specifications of the existed since the early generation of Android, like replaceable type of built-in storage space, the third party application support, Widgets, notifications, and Google Services.

it is said that when Steve jobs first released the iPhone, Andy rubin in taxi on-board television saw it shocked the world. Rubin immediately at the time said: “damn, it seems that we now can’t launch the Android phone.” Since then, after a year of efforts, the world’s first Android phone – HTC G1 finally came out. Familiar with the production of the reader knows, although the G1 has a touch screen, but it is also equipped with a full physical keyboard.