When shopping in the future: integration of physical experience online shopping malls Sping

traditional shopping malls can always bring me very miss and unparalleled experience. Its smell, spotless floor, glaring lights and ethereal music, as if the air itself. Suburban shopping centres in People’s Daily life as an essential public bar, people come here to see goods, shopping. However, the golden age of mall shopping seems to have in the past. Have pointed out that according to the survey, in 2013, during the holidays, the store traffic only three years ago, half of the year.

instead, the online shopping, we are turning to the line of sight of “the new bar”, similar to those sets, the application of Pinterest and Wanelo, these places can show the new designer jeans and designer’s holiday. It is estimated that by the end of 2014, nearly a third of the online shopping will occur on the mobile device. But what this process seems to be less.

the fun of shopping has largely disappeared in social media web site, the goods according to the recommendation of social users was recommended and influence, and no longer according to user’s preferences and free choice. “Brands are creating your own applications, but you won’t download 50 different applications to go shopping.” The application of a new online shopping called Spring co-founder David Tisch said, “the electronic commerce is largely based on practicability, but three hours around SoHo experience if the weekend will get application?”

Tisch from America, SoHo is there you can see the latest “mall”, but the idea is still the same. Tisch said: “there should be a place to let all customers to buy their favorite brand.” So he set up a Spring, a containing all the attention of the user shopping application of brand. The Spring on the look and feel are all very like them, which provides news and everything else, but the key difference is that the former have the buy button.

on the other hand, the appearance of the copy sets is a smart choice, numerous brands and retailers success on them to build digital storefront and released new products. Tisch said, sets a user on an average of 10 to 20 brands, but they has not further perfect business relationship on this platform. Some brand to get your comments under the product pictures you want to buy their products in the real life, but once I want to buy, this process is not so simple. Spring users, on the other hand, as long as buy any brand of product on this platform, they can use a credit card and address a key to buy.

in addition to products, Spring also includes a TAB, such as The Man Repeller or Cool Hunting brand, product can be released in The Spring. A view TAB, you can find here, such as “men’s” female coat “classification. Spring catalog is not exploiting down from other sites, so the level of high quality is good. The company cooperate with 100 brand (has landed) – including from Everlane, Harry ‘s to Helmut Lang, all of the products, each brand has its own profile page, you can check them one by one. The application of navigation and selection function is pretty good, but really distinguish between Spring and other applications and services is users can quickly buy came across products.

in our tests, buy a shirt like as easy to buy songs on itunes. Click to buy, click on the confirmation, no need to worry about the rest of you. Even don’t have to gift CARDS. Tisch user testing group of “risk” is used to describe the Spring of the buy button. So, don’t give you the iPhone drunk friend. It will eventually buy part of the its and Keep, Wanelo and Pinterest “collecting” service application. They buy button to enter credit card number and address again and again, the user doesn’t want to buy it.

this is very important. , according to a survey in 2013 “while most (68%), smart phones and tablet computer users want to buy things online, but two thirds (66%), however, because the checkout the obstacles and give up the deal.”

Amazon like Spring with dangerous a key to “buy”, but not its mobile application and website to browse, but to find and buy. “If you have specific want goods, you can browse the Amazon,” Tisch said, “we do not take the practical, we are trying to create an experience.” Amazon and eBay have been trying to create browsing for fashion fans, launch new products, create feed type layout, acquisition of companies Svpply etc, but so far, they did not shift from search experience to the shopping experience.

Tisch sold baseball CARDS, online BBS in the United States first, and then transferred to a named eBay. It seems to understand shopping and buying is not the same. The mall is different from going to Amazon. So, “shopping” as the slogan of the Spring, rather than a “buy”. However, the Spring would succeed must let brand know it can contact to the customer. This is perhaps its disadvantages compared and Fancy service website, Fancy at first do social networking sites, people can share their favorite goods, now it also allows users to browse and a key to buy goods. Tisch said: “this is a two-sided market, our challenge is to balance the supplier and the user’s requirements.”

Spring may be the most like a department store, a large catalog of various kinds of brand planning project. But because of its optional mode, users can build an own department store.