When the gimped Android accounted for 20%, Google will GanChan?

recently, a survey from ABI Research report shows that in 5 to 7 months this year global shipments of smartphones, 20% of the equipment is based on the Android version branch system. Here the so-called branch version of Android, both castration off “Android living soul” — Google service customization system (GSM).

hunting cloud network editor gentleman who took pains to readers analysis of the formation of Android. Overall, the development trend of the Android camp is divided into two different paths:

the first, it is more and more close to the native Android. Although oems are always a bit of a “spirit”, but definitely not against Google in the general direction. Regardless of their thinking, but basically comply with Google on action be demanding requirements. Google to join the members of the smaller companies OEM has strict restrictions, including Google full service must be used, even display on the Google service is based on rules. Hunting cloud network editor jun said, this is Google forced to OEM partner took a wanted to pick doesn’t pick off curbs.

the second, it is more and more deviated from Google, even in an attempt to split the Android. This road is a typical representative of the development of amazon and almost the entire Android mobile phone industry in China. Whether amazon Fire Phone or China before six smartphone manufacturers, they launched the Android devices are castration off Google services. And they in custom road go further. Especially for the Chinese market, so that a Google not to can do, use the Android (AOSP), called Google, in an attempt to “independent”. This division of the Android activity can have how old effect we also said that bad, but once formed the scale, is Google’s most don’t want to see.

today’s news shows, split the Android activity is “enclaves” are flawed. , according to a report that figure was a sharp rise, mainly due to east Asian markets such as China and India. It is understood that the previous quarter 51% of global smartphone shipments from these two places.

so, in the face of the menacing split Android activity, Google will really feel fear? Hunting cloud network editor gentleman’s answer is: no.

in the first place, “gimped” Android can occupy a certain market share, and its low prices have a certain relationship. Especially in China, these fake pricing of Android devices even only $50. But with Android launched One, Google will with the thunder of a bloodbath mid-range Android market. Android One, only to change the original low-priced Android hardware configuration into the pattern of difference, customization system slag, in an attempt to build affordable Android devices. And that for Anddroid separatists rely on low-cost chuang world, no doubt is a big blow.

second, as the most powerful Android divider (Microsoft cut Nokia after X, now seems to have no the amazon it right), amazon’s Kindle Fire and Fire Phone series product development is one of the best on a small scale. Although amazon in order to split the Android invested a huge cost and energy, but the effect is not so good. A typical example is that various media revealed that the Fire Phone sales fell sharply after the launch of a week.

again for Google “enclaves” – for the Chinese market, Google has propped up the most vitality – “millet”. Whether Mr Barra to join, or big ye shi praise of millet mobile phone, or millet in the store you can download the full set of Google service package (of course can make, should see you can climb a fence), we see the millet’s relationship with Google is “together”. In particular, the millet is now in the design of the “fake apple to challenge apple, further blocking WP low-end equipment (of course, more major is hit into samsung Android monopoly)”. And the above two points is the Google is the most popular.

summed up in one word, the division of the Android discussion of the future will be and the Android ecosystem of fragmentation, become a cliche, but it is always difficult to really shake Google in mobile base.